Strip sexy Pirate 2

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In this game you shoot frigates to strip a sexy lady. Each hit takes a clothing piece off. Each hit makes it harder to sink the frigates. If you miss a clothing piece will be put on.

To play just click with the mouse.

Hint: if difficult right click and press zoom in. It may be easier

Do not CLICK when the bar comes up for the sex or u have to start all over again!!



There seems to be a couple serious things wrong with it. As it is a pron game, I'm not really expecting great gameplay. But there needs to be a few fixes.
Main problems:
Not sized properly(-2)
Mouse controls don't respond accurately(-2)
enemy ships immediately stop as you're shooting so you can't try aiming(-2) while the screen shakes uncontrollably(-2) with a sunny day streaming dow upon you.
Simple problems:
Beat game, poorly drawn cartonn boobs made me want to punch stuff(-1)
Since the original game is not here, just the sequel, I believe there will be no effort on your part to fix this. so (-1) If you actually did make this, I'll give it another review when you post the fixed up version. Maybe make it stormy so the shaking actually makes sense.

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nickod77 responds:

Heres original.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /515607
I made this one. that u just played.

And btw, not fixing it, its fixed enough.


Its amazing how lame this game is.

nickod77 responds:

How nice of u. I'll be sure to call yours lame

Hard in the end...

But it's really nice :P

nickod77 responds:



sry the game would have been kinda kool .... but i got sea sick ... and just not all that fun and the chick aint so hot for having to try that hard .... but it was kinda kool

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nickod77 responds:

If u were in the anime world and if she was your only choice. U might as well choose her.

Fun game

-That was actually pretty difficult towards the latter part of the ship battle. The crosshair shook a lot and the penalty for missing made me have to be extra careful when I picked my shots. The concept for the game isn't entirely original but it's still fun anyways. The end part I wasn't expecting at all but it was really easy to do that part.

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nickod77 responds:


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1.95 / 5.00

May 18, 2010
11:49 PM EDT
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