Stickman Fun

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I made this flash a while ago when I first learned how to use Flash. Soooooo yeah it's a little beginnerish.... but enjoy it anyway! :D

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The Good:
+Good use of stock sound effects.

The Bad:
-Poorly drawn and animated.
-With one exception, no color or background.
-Random, nonsensical plot that isn't entertaining.
-Short, not worth it's weight or score.

*Add more detail to your drawings (color, figure, a full face, etc.)
*Don't skimp on the animation, improve your technique a bit.
*Make it a longer movie with more shenanigans and jokes.

I understand the want to share with everyone some of your earlier works in Flash, but they should just be kept to ourselves as they are rough and unpolished. Maybe out of boredom or for validation, users will do this, but it is generally unwise, as an educated audience will tend to not appreciate such amateur works. Stick movies in particular get a lot of heat for being simplistic and make the author appear lazy, so they too must also be better left alone. In any case, this Flash is just too bland and uninspired to really evoke any kind of humor or meaning. I'm sure your newer cartoons are much better, but there wasn't any need for you to submit this one.



It's good for a nice laugh

Surprised this isn't rated higher...then again, it has little to no plot, no character development, no intrinsic storylines, no romance, little action, no swords, guns, magic, it's not in game format, it's not published by a massive corporation, you aren't famous, you don't have 400 children, you don't practice polygamy and, most importantly, you're being funny, which is wrong.

Also, i just want to let you know sarcasm is awesome.

Loved it!

S-T responds:

YAY FOR SARCASM!!!!! 8D Thank you!

okay but...

it's kinda copyright... to pencilmation... but for a begginer, this is good...

S-T responds:

Sooooooooo anything to do with a pencil and doodles is copyright to pencilmation? hahahaha nahhh pencilmation is way better than my little flash.

its good but...

its good but a little short and it looked like pencilmation number 1 but for abeginner its a really good flash and i'm sure you could do the front page if you make a series with this :p have a good day and have fun

S-T responds:

Wow! Thats really nice of you! Thanks for the encouragement!

pretty good but short

you need to work more about this movie you can do better than that

S-T responds:

Don't worry, I made this about a year ago, I have much better flash videos now... i think hahaha

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

May 18, 2010
11:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Original