The Many Kirbies Collab!!

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then youll have a cake


Lazy indeed.

The good:
+I liked the intro.

The bad:
- -Animation stopped halfway through (a bug?)
- -Annoying song, clicky and loud.
-Poor drawings and animation.
-Straight-up nonsense.

*Sync the song to the scenes, rather than just throwing it all together.
*Fix the play dropping in the movie.
*Make an entire music video if you're so interested in submitting an animation for it.

Quite possibly, this Flash was thrown together in a quick manner and it suffers as a result of that. The movie stops playing around the part where GreenKitten is staring off into space, prompting me to right click+play to continue the rest of the movie. I was not impressed by this blunder and hope that it was not intentional. The Cake Song from Lazytown is probably the most annoying thing I have heard on national television, though this Flash seems to have attempted to do the same with KK characters instead. Please improve your plots and animation in future submissions and don't rely on the fancy, drawn-out intro sequences to pass your movies through the Portal - it's a cheap trick and unfair to other artists.

Please have a crew meeting on how to improve your Flash animations, as I know that your talents can do much better than any of your recent movies have offered.



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Moar KK! Woot, I say. Pingas, and all that.

PilotKitty responds:


I can't believe how much that cat is staring..

When I was younger I would stare at things, not like men who stare at goats, but just trees and acorns and whatever was around to stare at. Thanks to a conscience I would win some and lose some vs inanimate objects, but that green cat wins every time.

Good flash, hope to see more.

Work on: I didn't like the preloader so much, maybe branch away from any group affiliations and try to promote yourself as an artist :)

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I really enjoyed this cartoon, great to have you back.


Is it supposed to just stop like that? Shouldn't there be like an end screen or something?

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May 18, 2010
10:12 PM EDT