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Simon Peter is a 30 something year old Self employed game developer, website builderer, amateur mythologian, foodie, animater and overall web geek from wellington, New Zealand.
He has been working on Centaurian the game for almost a year now and is soon to be releasing it for the online community to enjoy.

With the help of his friends and some family, Simon Peter spent a whole heap of love and energy making a trailer for centaurian as he thought it would be a valuable tool to inspire and educate people on what the game was really about.

"for ages now I have wanted to dredge up this forgotten emerald of mythology and smash it in peoples faces - like a ball of flaming truth" - SP

the trailer tells of an epic saga that seems to have been forgotten by popular mythology, one that Simon Peter took as a personal quest to see the light of day.

the game is based on a straight forward árcade'style platform where the hero (simon pederson) takes on evil centaurs and has to fight his way to their leader 'Wogboth'.

If the hero fails on his mission - the results are disasterous and unpleasant to say the least.

centaurian - the game

world wide release june 10th - 2010



The Good:
+Interesting concept for a plot and characters.
+Hilarious acting and scenes.
+Lots of explosions and gore (good effects).
+Narration adds to the experience.

The Bad:
-Big white margins are unsightly.
-No preloader or replay button.
-A few of the scenes were recycled.


This has to be the most hilarious and cracked-out video Flash on Newgrounds to date...why this didn't make front page is beyond me! The trailer had everything - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, gore, EXPLOSIONS! I don't think any real-life movie trailer or teaser has ever riveted me to such a point of anticipation quite like Centurian Game Trailer has. Taking the origins of the centaur to it's only logical conclusion, it was only inevitable that a vast empire of these creatures would one day threaten the dominance of man. I also was astounded by the production values of this trailer, being not only serving as an epic epilogue for the game, but also as a parody of poorly-produced movies that rely on green-screen technology. Very good sir, I can safely say that your work has really paid off here.

[4/5] + Favorited


full of laughs

i'm not entirely sure if you made the movie shitty on purpose, but honestly, this was full of laughs, and i must thank you, it's been a while since i had a good laugh. keep up the good work

iamsimonpeter responds:

I tried my best, had a totally mean deadline for the trailer. Heaps of choice people helped me out tho - Thanks for the kind as words.

I'm looking forward to this.

Just uh, remove the white border, or at least make it black.

iamsimonpeter responds:

Cheers for the advice squidly I'll try and update soon as. I'm wazzed you're hyped for the game.


This is one of the best Movies i have ever seen.

iamsimonpeter responds:

Choice! Glad you dug it. Working rool hard on the game to get it ready for June 10!

really funny

This video was super funny. Love the comedy. Would have liked to see some gameplay, though.

iamsimonpeter responds:

Sorry, I couldn't show you any gameplay yet but it's still totally top secret. Roll on June!

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3.65 / 5.00

May 18, 2010
8:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Original