Interactive Pistols v1.1

May 18, 2010 –
September 6, 2018
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Its here, interactive pistols. You get 6 pistols to choose from and do some interaction with.

Hopefully you all know how to reload. Click the clip to take it out and put a new one in. Then click the slide to cock it to get ready to fire again.

The trigger is self-explanatory
Click the slide to cock back the gun (well, most guns)

And yea, not really that fancy...but it does have some good info on it.


i'like this game it's good and the guns music is amazing fantastic game.

Very good but i would like to be able to reload with out having to fire or eject every round in my clip
and also on the .500 it says .500 in the name yet in the weapon info it says .357

The second I saw the Walther PPK I immediatly thought of Sterling Archer.

on the desert eagle click the clip infinity bullets will come out if u keep clicking an it won run down the ammo

The animation are very poor. spend more time on it next time

Add a Glock 18, add Semi Auto AND Fully Auto

great work on the pistols stuff. All with a nice, sweet touch and a bang to go with them all in. Bravo to you!

The Good:
+Very informative.
+Guns were well-drawn.
+Fitting sound effects and interactivity (reloading, pulling the slide, etc.)

The Bad:
-Very limited interactivity.
-Minimal selection of firearms.
-Some information was incorrect (500 S&W does not shoot .357 rounds).

*Add more guns and variety of guns (shotguns, rifles, machineguns, etc.)
*Include more information for each weapon (history, variants, size, etc.)
*A shooting range mini-game would be neat.
*Add some fitting music and backgrounds.

An odd game, though clicking a trigger and a few other buttons hardly constitutes as a good one. While interesting, the Flash wasn't very entertaining and felt a bit unfinished - rough, if you will. I guess what i'm trying to say is that the game is rather underwhelming and I would expect significant improvement if later versions were made.



Now I can clearly see that Russian Makarov's pistol is just a copy of German "Valter" - like "Pobeda" automobiles were copies of "Opel Kapitan".

The Deagle and Magnum sounded like they came straight from CoD... Coincidence?

I thought a .500 magnum shot a .500 caliber round? you said it shot a .357 magnum

i love this game.faved.

But well... You can't actually reload when the magazine isn't empty, on the last shot sound cuts. To Change magazine you have to click the magazine, instead of the button on next to the trigger. You can't change fire modes to safety, and armed, beretta magazine looks like you put no effort into it, and Walther PP's animation has few bug in it.

But except for that - nice simulator.

That deagle sounded amazing, good jorb man

It needs more guns, but I liked how it told how many rounds each gun held and how you needed to reload and all that. I thought it would be something like "Interactive buddy" except you shot with different guns, but this was good.

need more.....

would have been fun to have a ragdoll to shoot at

I really liked it, maybe next time you should do something with rifles!
I cant stop shooting the PPK, I love that one!
Keep it up!

Just a few quick things to help
1. Add a little bet better graphics on the writting
2. Add a little more variety
3. Try adding weapons aside from pistols in a future version
4. Ensure that you have all of your facts correct
But anyways really great job.

8/10 because you got some of the guns wrong like the usp

Really Good Job! I really liked that you added the info onto each gun

I learned some stuff about guns playing this game.
I liked how you could interact with the guns, reloading them etc.

What I would have liked to have experienced:
-more guns
-brief history on the guns

That said, I hope that you will feel encouraged to include more next time.
Keep up the good work!

The text saying the name of the gun is pretty annoying.

Some of the guns look better than others, but the animation is cool, and I like the general idea.

Also: No NES Zapper? What gives? ;)

The guns were very well illistrated and the shooting, loading and cocking the gun animations and actions were done very well.

The name of the gun Moving around like it does and not in one place as well as being hand drawn makes it hard to read at times. I would suggest using an actual font and sticking with that.

Other than that, good job.

Why does the .500 Magnum list .357 as its cartridge and why does the PPK say it shoots .357 when it clearly says it holds .32 rounds?

Pretty good artwork though, just needs some improvement.


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3.43 / 5.00