Maze I.Q.

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Our new game. We believe it is better than the last. Srry if the music was annoying.

(UPDATE) Checkpoints added.


"Drugged nonsense".

Maze games are pretty easy, no? Easy to make, easy to play, everyone has a fun time. Quiz games are also easy to make and play, hence why there's so many of both kinds. Surely, combining them together into a single game would be a great idea and also yield favorable results, yes?

Unfortunately, this is proof that such is not the case. Poorly constructed mazes, no cheat prevention, confusing or nonsensical questions (some of which can't be answered without the tab key to find hidden buttons), and an overly-long and drawn out joke is all this Flash has to offer. The only knowledge necessary to complete this game is to know the button/exit locations and answers beforehand, all of which seemed to have been placed there by an autistic ten-year old with a lot of time on his hands.

In the future, please try to do only one thing at once in a game - either make a quiz game or a maze game, but not both at the same time, and especially not in the same manner as this game. Random isn't funny when it's just borderline moronic and in bad taste. Make the quiz clever and have some sort of reward, or juice up the maze difficulty by making them good, not just one that involves some sort of trick to beat. The choice of music is suitable, yet unfitting - please make a selection that more appropriately reflects the nature of the game rather than putting in something that caught your ear.

If you meant for the randomness to be part of the humor and people to positively proclaim "WTF?!", then you're only halfway right. They're only saying "WTF?!" because they are confused and annoyed at this useless waste of time. Please work on a different game and make it make sense for a change.



CommanderWalrus responds:

You fool.


pretty annoying. nonsensical questions + annoying song + bad artwork = 2/10

The Questions

The questions don't take any knowledge at all, besides knowing the answers before-hand. It's just an annoying guessing game, and I hate doing the same mazes at least 3 times until I get the question right.

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2.28 / 5.00

May 18, 2010
5:46 PM EDT
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