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this si the second preview my final uber pwnage skate flash. to show my fans a little bit mopre of whats to come because i recieved a couple pms asking me that they needed to see more and i couldnt help but do that :P

enjoy :)!!!!!!!! and reemeber sk8baording RULES


Just another casualty...

Why, oh why, did anyone think this movie was worth a spot on the Portal? Perhaps it was an improvement from your last Flash, but it is still very subpar and horrifically awful. I didn't see the first FlashPrev, but if this is "better", I don't think I need to see it at all, nor would I want to. There are so many things wrong with this movie that I don't even know where to start.

The biggest thing that I find bad about this Flash is the animation - godawful, choppy "animation" with substantially worse graphics. Protip: Using a Google image to make up a character is a bad idea (if it isn't used sarcastically) and if you are going to pull out pictures from the net to use in your movie, you must crop and enhance their quality. The plot was also stupid and served no purpose - no entertainment was gained from watching this film. Also, there was no preloader present in the movie at all, leaving the user to stare at a blank screen for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to wait for a movie that isn't even worth watching. This Flash has no excuse for being this big or this bad - the song used in the Flash constituted the majority of it's size, which is quite disappointing.

If you truly wish to survive on the Portal and become accepted by the audience, please take some of the following advice. First rule: Don't use uncropped images pulled from the net, ever. If possible, please try to draw your entire character in Flash, tracing over the original pictures if you have to. Practice with a few Flash tutorials and try to learn to draw properly - a must for any successful Flash author. Secondly, please understand what a tween is and learn to use that technique to improve your animation. Once you have that down, please, please, please learn how to compress audio to keep your file size down! I can't stress enough the importance of optimization, it can make or break your movies and games in Judgment and later on if they pass. One last thing I want to include is that you should also strive to have a meaning behind your movies if you aren't trying to impress with your art skills - give the people a show they will want to watch!

I really hope you improve as an artist, as I think there is huge room for improvement. There is no reason whatsoever for this not to be in the Flash graveyard and I condemn everyone who passed this to eternal BLAMnation.



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But bad... Your getting better, still. You need to have a replay button, NO loop. What your doing looks like a moving picture. It should go faster, but then I guess it would only be about 30 seconds long... anyway, NO cropped out pictures... Well thats about it, your getting better but not good enough. Lastly, The animations that you are making, do they take more than a day to make? They shouldn't..

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It's better

However, there are MAJOR problems with this animation. Remember, we don't want to see cropped out pictures. Although you used less of it, you had some. I don't want any pictures taken from the internet. I wanna see you make your own drawings, not from pictures from the internet. Another problem is that you gotta add a preloader and a replay button, that would be great.

The music choice is good, however it goes into the loop of the animation and stops somewhere in the middle. Good effort though, just want to see you do even better. Also, how long did this animation take you.

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I wonder...

I wonder if this is Adam Phillips pranking us.

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Did you try on this? Something tells me this is another animation you did just to piss off your "haters". I don't think a lot of effort into this because the animation was choppy, and it was just bad overall.

General Synopsis: Maybe you should try next time.

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May 18, 2010
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