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All comments are apprectiated...:)

UPD: Fixed(hopefully:) bug with items disappear...

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Hmm not the kind of game I expected to try, but not bad. :) Simple idea, but pretty addictive gameplay. Imagine a grown-up version of this hmm... wonder how you'd be satisfying them then. :P


Quirky baby antics #23b

A funny Flash game I guess, though the premise completely flew over my head the moment the screen filled up with insatiable babies. As quick as I was to tend to one tot, another one came into view and two others followed that one just as quickly. Unless you're running a daycare or something, it just doesn't make that much sense to have so many kids popping up in one spot all of a sudden. Despite that, this is still a fun game for a while, though it could stand to be a bit more challenging.

The worst aspect this Flash has is that of the sound, as no one likes to hear a crying baby, especially when there's three or four of them crying all at once. Because it fits with the premise of the game, I feel it is a moot point to complain about it. Instead, please include some other indicator that the child is upset, such as visual cues (an arrow or flashing light around the baby to draw attention to it). Adding a score bar that decreases rapidly as a baby is crying would definitely add to the challenge of the game and could reflect the pay you are receiving for taking care of these kids, too.

The game works fine and there are no noticeable bugs or glitches that I have run into. A bit simple the way it is, but it's still a fun waste of time and has some humor to it. Keep up the good work.



an o.k game

To me this is an O.K game, i liked the music and the controls were easy. Good Job.

This game makes me want to have babies....

NOT! It makes me want to release my hounds with rabies!!! What noisy little pests!

And the game has an annoying bug. Sometimes the item you're supposed to give to the baby simply disappears! I dunno if it has anything to do with leaving it outside the screen play... i dunno. I won't try it again. sorry :(

Lol, but for those who like to ear crying babies. Well I must admit, it's a superb game! xD

mayastudio responds:

Thanx a lot for feedback. I'll try to fix the bug You mentioned...

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3.06 / 5.00

May 18, 2010
9:56 AM EDT
Simulation - Other