Kids Love Pie: The Game

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It's been two years since 'Kids Love Pie' hit Newgrounds. Now it's back, in the form of this amazing interactive game. Just make sure you have some tissues ready!

You can view the original 'Kids Love Pie' by following this link. I'd suggest seeing it first.
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/421689

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blam plizz

*laughing my ass off*


Ahahahahahaha! ...No.

While the original "Kids Love Pie" was a classic (albiet a poorly-drawn one), its humor was off-beat and unique, which helped me appreciate it. However, this game based off KLP was not as funny, even with the help of references and all the available options. The music was a nice touch in both this and the original movie, but I think that it really helped in the latter one because it was completely out of place and fit into the scenes regardless.

The graphics and animation are almost unchanged from the that of the movie's, which is to say "bad". Still, I guess this game is worth a chuckle and it being a sort of "take that" in the face of all those sex sims that are out there, you get a tip of the hat from me.

If you really want KLP to be a hit, you gotta work on it some more - both graphically and conceptually. Adding crude drawings and music alone won't get you very far, but if you were to properly animate and demonstrate the story with some decent graphics, I think it could be a huge hit on Newgrounds. This site has the audience that would definitely appreciate this brand of crude and unusual humor, so I think that a remake of KLP is in order. This game is a call-back to the original, but even the original needed work - likewise, so does this game.

Suggestions for this game: Add more frames of animation, include "speeds" for every action, improve the graphics, add sound effects, and put in a background. Everything else is fine, which is to say "nothing". Please work on this series some more - I think I smell a front-page sub if you really take your time with it.



Sidorio responds:

Front page? Well, I'm amazed that you've taken the time to seriously review both submissions but really there's nothing I'm capable of doing which would get a flash about a man fucking a pie on the front page.


But the threesome should've been between two pies and a guy. So fuck you. But still 10 for absolutely no reason at all.

Sidorio responds:

But the threesome bridges the gap between Kids Love Pie and Kids Love Pie 2: The African Revenge.

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1.34 / 5.00

May 18, 2010
7:26 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating