Newton's Laws 101

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A project that I did in '09 for my Physics 12 class.
There are several references to Fallout 3 which will only make sense had you played the game.
The background was done from a photograph I took while playing GTA IV in case anyone recognizes it. This, however, does not mean that it took place in Liberty City, but rather was a simple backdrop for the animation. This edit is due to the recent comment about it should have been more like GTA IV when in reality there is no connection between the two worlds. It's just a background.

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when i look at the citie it looks like in 2070s


Goddam someone needs to remake your abortion of a comment into another dot dot dot flash, I laughed my arse off reading your HORRID grammar, ahhh just reading that comment and looking at the derp combos made coming across this flash totally worth it!!

On a more serious note, it was an alright flash and i though for a beginner it was well made, even if it is lacking any real plot. Keep it up man, i'm looking forward to further submissions!

to the guy below

there are certain movies that should be judged harshly and movies that should not, this is one of those movies that should not.

on topic:
personally i love the voice acting and the character/accessories details
you should make newton's laws more visible to the naked eye the first or second time you see the animation, if you hadn't mentioned earlier the connection, i would have never known

ps: turkeyzilla rocks

Intresting with sonething missing

Like 1 of the previous review, the people those not have the same graphic as the Star Junction in GTA4. The charaters that take place in the game are not in good quality as they are sticks. Not onlt that, the storyline have no meaning at all, only about shooting the innocent rather than the fight against a group of evil like mafia and brutal cops. The voice acting is very terrible, it make the fake Serbian ascend of Micheal Hollick even more fake than ever. Finding an eatern european man to do the voice acting will greatly improve the sound. The ending music also did not match the scene of the falsh animation at all, making the flash seems not meanigful.
As this is in the GTA4's Mahattan, New York which is Algonquin, Liberty City. The Liberty City Police Derparment, LCPD, will send officers to violently deal with anyone who commit crimes like this. The flash will be more intense if there is a scence where Niko Belic uses these weapons aganist LCPD. You also could state the law of gravity where the helicopter and its gunner is falling from the sky as Niko shoots down the pilot or the gunner.
This flash reminds me of The Ballad Of Gay Tony, TBOGT, where another progantonist could use more powerful weapons in the GTA4 setting.

deathfun responds:

Well I'm going to first say that this is an educational video and not a recreation of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Furthermore, the character whom is the sniper is not Niko Bellic and this does not take place over Star Junction. Not only that, but there wasn't supposed to be a story. The fact you also demand that the sniper doesn't shoot the innocent but rather cops makes hardly any sense. If you took that principle to most gruesome stick animations far worse then this, you'd be repeating that message thousands of times over. It's an animation and like the first thing you see on GTA IV (that big paragraph of font), I do not condone the actions within this animation.

If you have a problem with the voice acting, take it up with Treyarch. They are afterall the ones who made it.

I'm also confused as to how you expect myself to find this Eastern European man (who doesn't fit what I wanted anyhow) to do the voice acting within the timeframe I had. Seems farfetched.

Your comment about the ending song not matching is actually very wrong. Sure the tone doesn't match, but it is the reference that is woven throughout the animation which is what matters. I don't want to set the world on fire is one of the more memorable songs from Fallout 3.

The only thing your review that actually holds any credit, wasn't even stated by you originally making the rest rather useless.

Nice, but...

I don't see how this video is related to Physics, except for the text at the bottom. Care to enlighten me?

deathfun responds:

Hmm, I can see how this would present a problem for you so I shall explain.
Newton's first laws states that if an object is at rest, it will stay at rest until an outside force acts upon it. During the segment demonstrating the first, there are two people *STANDING STILL* until the sniper fires a bullet *BEING OUTSIDE FORCE* to act upon them. The result, they then keel over.

The second is the equation F=ma where F is force, m is mass (in kg) and a is acceleration (m/s2). The gun change and the line "I wonder if this weapon is overpowered" shows that he has increased the force that will be fired. Since the mass remains the same, the acceleration needs to increase to accompany the change in force. When the guy taking a shit gets shot, he doesn't just keel over like the blind fellow, but instead rockets off the seat. He accelerated far faster allowing his velocity to increase far more over such a small period of time.

The third wasn't done as well, but is only slightly demonstrated clearly. The third is 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction force'. In brackets, you can see the word "recoil". When someone fires a gun, a certain amount of force goes out, but the kickback is the reaction force acting in the opposite direction. So when he fires the drone cannon, his arms go back significantly.

I hope this clears things up for you

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May 17, 2010
8:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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