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The concept of this was sparked by hearing the argument that "god is against socialism". But if you dive deeper into that argument, you see that there are also people arguing that God is obviously for socialism. Yet they are both getting these assumptions from the same book. In reality though, it is not what "god" wants, but rather what they themselves want, and who is a better support system than the creator of man?

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my dad would kill me if he saw me playing this. also i made zombie killer jesus

BRIllustration responds:

It is very funny that a "deeply religious" person can cause fear in someone for beliefs/actions etc. Isn't someone of faith supposed to be accepting, caring, and loving no matter what?

It's funny because it seems that people only act how they are "supposed to (according to their religion) when they are with others of the same belief.

God. Oh why not?

My review was originally going to be 7, but I lowered it down to 4 when I realized it's a dress - up game.

This is good. Good because of the graphics and idea. Until you realize how little there is to use on him. By this, I'm saying he needs more variety in his clothing and accessories. The ability to choose each color would be nice. The ability to draw a symbol on a T-shirt would be even better. Strike that, have him hold a customizable sign post.

Wings are a common accessory. Having a strange-like glow (around the entire body) is a must.

Maybe a few one-liner buttons would work out well in this case?

Fairly good idea.

Not really enough to dress Him up with, didn't even want to look at the trans-dress things, but had to, to review...

Where's the white robe, dev?

1) Could use more stuff to wear
2) Could use adjustments on the hands as He was pierced through His wrists not hands.
3) over-all an okay dressup game, I guess... again, could use more things to dress Him up with, IE: robe, shorts, normal t-shirt; colors etc.

Go Jesus Christ!
(PS: I love the holding of the DNA and the halo. great touches for sure.) PSS: He wouldn't wear a yamaka..

Funnier than it actually seems

While not being an original entry, the premise itself is enough to make you feel curious about it. Only when you try it is when you actually get to see Jeebus the way you always wanted. Wether he's a half-naked peacebringer, a weed-smoking hippie or a revolver-wielding communist, you can get the result you actually want and you can kick anyone in the face should they disagree with you.


Very creative! Excellent graphics. I especially like the odd variety of options. No jesus is complete without Christ bling!

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May 17, 2010
6:31 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up