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Off The Wall 2

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Use the arrow keys or WSAD to control the small blue circle.
Try to avoid running into the walls.
The red circles will try to knock you into the walls. Try to dodge their attacks.
The longer you stay "off the wall" the higher your score will be.

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I liked the game itself, but it got really repetitive.
Best score, 485. so far...

Not Bad!

Nice Start! But if i may,i would suggest levels? or even new music! Keep up the good work!

Beat it!

HAH, that's really fun. At first I thought, "Oh god, not another one." But it's actually fun, surprisingly. Though, without the highscore system it would have been far less enjoyable.

Could benefit from levels of difficulty with static obstacles, like pilars or boxes or something and proximity mines or something. :) I like the game anyway, though. Nice job.

Best score: 1,056

feels too slippery

good concept. But i think it would help to slow down/ shrink the balls.


While perhaps you could've added more visual effects (which doesn't mean the tracing light one doesn't have any merit), the gameplay is addicting and makes the challenge all the more interesting in trying to beat your previous highscore.

Well done!