Red vs Blue rd

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Finally made it.

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i really like it! it beats a lot of other red vs blue stick animations i've seen!
and lol the guys summary below me is funny

Wasn't RED-y for what BLUE me away!!

Overall I was very impressed. The fight style although tried and true was in fact somewhat unique in terms of the shadows effects that you employed. It was generally very griping due to the high voltage DBZ inspired style of fighting, however what made this stand out even further in my mind was the music which in my opinion was a marvellous choice. On a final good note, the concept of this animation that I was most impressed with was the colour imagery used here. Having read the title I was expecting a red stick vs a blue stick, so the fact that it was two grey sticks in combat gave the elemental colours red and blue an extra epic feel about them. You continued to emphasise the rawness of the two elements as the sticks changed from grey to black indicating the fact that the colour of the sticks were in fact irelevant and it was the clash between the elemental colours which was the focal point. However it was by no means perfect, the drawing and the look of the animation was rather clunky, having said that it took nothing away from the superb and smooth fighting.

As I said overall very good so keep up the good work

I like it.

I look forward to seeing more of your future work. Improve on what you have and you should be golden.

not to shabby

for a stick fight not to bad, though i suppose everything but the powers being grey was supposed to be like that, i didn't like it. i hope you keep improving your skills and do another one.

Not to bad

The joy in this lies in its simplicity. A nice lil stickfight debating a pretty fierce rivalry, from what I can see. Woulda liked for it to be a bit longer, but heres hoping you make another one soon, aye?

dumbassss responds:

Not that soon i think:/ I'm planning to make sequel, but sertanly not now. I was getting bored even with this one, so there would be quite a bunch of time before i will continue it.

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3.63 / 5.00

May 17, 2010
7:09 AM EDT