Ship of Luna 3

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The pirate ship's wife finds out he's dead so she gets a posse of evil pirate ships to hunt down Ship of Luna to get revenge


What on earth was the framerate? 3?

So slow... my god. Ok, constructive criticism.

Your video consisted entirely of moving little drawings of boats in squares around very slowly. It's boring. You could at least have cut the boats out of their little pictures, it looks terrible moving little rectangles around. The gorgeous photo backgrounds only served to make more obvious how terribly basic your boat drawings were.

And as I already mentioned, the framerate was SO LOW. The movie takes so long to run because each frame is like tic.... tic.... tic.... tic.... My guess is you made it and felt it was too fast, so you dropped the framerate. Well, now it's not only WAY TOO SLOW, it's also jerky because of the low framerate.

Constructive criticism over. This was awful.

Comparable to most of the...

Kitty Krew videos. I'm supposed to be constructive so...I would say breaking out of the ship in boxes that move should be a good first step to making competent flash. I'm no animator, myself-but I would have thought twice before even submitting something if my final work turned out like this...

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1.95 / 5.00

May 17, 2010
2:07 AM EDT