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MapleHitman: Episode 1

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Well it's finally out after a huge amount of putting it off. It comes with a good number of mistakes too but overall I'm satisfied with everything (mostly) and I learned several what-not-to-do's for later. Hope you enjoy :D

PS: Compare the sounds on this to the last one.
PPS: I doubt I'm going to be able to keep up the series. I had to wrap this one up to make way for an animation I'm going to be making with a friend. Check news for more info.
PPPS: The special comic at the end is a short parody of the Japanese Mcdonalds food chain. Youtube has plenty of... resources for research in that area if you want to find out more.
PPPPS: Big thanks go to xKTxThief for allowing me to use his char in this movie :] You rock man.

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Very good improvement

had alotta fun watching this for how short it is.
keep up the good work, interested in where this goes

runescapeop responds:

Thanks for watching :]
Although I haven't really been doing anything with flash (at all) recently, I'm thinking of going back to work at it, maybe integrating a different story. Who knows. :]
But thanks again for watching and reviewing ^^


Well, I saw Maple and I was half reluctant and half wanting to watch it and obviously I did. I thought it was pretty nice, the red guy totally reminds me of Sakura, is that what you were going for? Story is pretty weak so far, reminds me of Hitman Reborn-ish-kinda. Skills could have been better too, some of the names for your skills are weird, like Radio Dance Revenge, I totally thought that was going to be some crazy rave party move.

The health bars, I don't think that's necessary. That's more like something for a fighting game and I think this was more like just a straight up fight, first one to get hit by a plane loses right? :P

Overall it's nice and I would like to see more of it actually :]

runescapeop responds:

lol Thanks for the review :] and yeah, it's difficult to have a simple fight with any story, and if you try doing it without a story you need a good reason at least. The red guy did end up very much like Sakura yes xD that happened more on accident, as originally be was sopposed to be a pure force of ligghtning rather than time. And Hitman reborn did influence me a bit in this :] Explaination of the radio dance: in japan it's a dance they do to stretch and is broadcast on the radio. My japanese teacher makes us do it. And it is rediculous, so i felt i might as well make a move based off that if it has no relation. And finally the health bars were a bit more relevant in previous movies. I guess in this movie it was more or less useless due to the plane so i might accomidate for that next time :] thanks again for the review.

Is Maple Story really like that?

Nice short story. Maybe you could have simplified the plot a bit?

Also I didn't know you could make sprite stuff out of maple story so cudo's

runescapeop responds:

Thanks ^^ Yeah with any video i've made with a story I've encountered the problem of making a simple story with lots of action. But I'll focus on that two on my next video :] Also I use a special program called Maplesim that uses graphics from the game to create your own sprites. Makes my life easier rather than using hand drawn art and photoshop (I can photoshop but i can't draw for my life xD)

not bad

The sprite animation was really nice, but the story just didn't grab me.
still, not bad.

runescapeop responds:

Thanks, I was kind of at a blockade with the story, so I agree it's not so good xD

Smooth sprite animation!

For being sprites, the animation is great. I was so drawn by the fighting sequence that I didn't even notice the decreasing health bars as it progressed.

I hope to see the following episode soon. Good job!

runescapeop responds:

I'm glad I did it right this time :] That one big problem that became clear towards the end. In the coming animations i gotta put more thought into timing and interface :] Thanks for the review~