Megaman The Robo Wars Ep1

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This is basically just the introduction. When you review say what is wrong with it not just saying its good or bad. Well hope you guys enjoy =D.


Hooray for Megaman!

Hoorah! 10 stars for you!

May Mr. Henderson be with you!

Not bad but could be much better.

Honestly no offense this looks like a flash made 10 years ago that hasn't aged well,the simple sprite animation that seemed to have no movement at all and when it did it wasn't smooth also the text wasn't readable some of the time due to it just being simple white text with no box of border though i did like the scene with Quickman and it looked good too,i'll give you the benefit of the doubt with this being your first sprite flash but you have some work to do and improvements to make.

DjangoEX responds:

Well its your opinion( Even though I made it normally white because my experiance with text boxes isn't that good) but yea its your review. Glad you reviewed Thanks!

okay megaman rules

liked the secone better. yeah

lol quickman!

teh beginning was sorta cute but i liked how quickman was running up to megaman so that was funny when he was on the jet bike thing!

DjangoEX responds:

English please?

Not bad.

The story is a little wierd. But, it's your flash. Good luck. It looks great so far.

DjangoEX responds:

The story is going to turn alot this is nowhere near the actual story plot.

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3.60 / 5.00

May 16, 2010
3:04 PM EDT