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Girlchan Contest!!

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May 16, 2010 | 11:17 AM EDT

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Metropcs is a fag

Ignore the long winded and boring crap Metropcs said, you two are hilarious! You can even make an ad humorous! I don't know how someone who names himself after a cell phone company can criticize you making an ad. FYI, they have no control over the newgrounds ads. Metropcs continued to insult basically everything that you did, yet if he doesn't like your comedy, why does he continue to watch? Mpcs also said that he has fans...i've never heard of him. and the majority of people haven't. He also says family guy isn't funny....Does he know that Family Guy is currently the most popular show in America?

Also, he said that people 5-13 are the only ones that like it. Well, kudos to you guys because who do you think most newground viewers are? Well, that statement is false anyway, I don't think they could have made it if they didn't think it was funny. Also, who the hell is Rril? I haven't heard of him either, and how could they learn anymore? They are amazing. End of story. I regret not having the patience to insult everything that dick wrote, but Girlchan is hilarious, can't wait for the next episode.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'ts E-G-O-R-A-P-T-O-R!!! Well, good, man. Your Rulex.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Uh Oh... Family guy in Paradise 4?

A contest? well, that's going to be swell I guess, but hopefully I thought you were going to learn your lesson from your last bad sketch of your series. Your third episode wasn't that good, at least from someone who is open-minded in all categories of cartoons, whether they are old fashioned, high quality, smooth, japanese style, etc. but in this case, I just don't see it.

This advertisement of the contest was not well executed. Obviously you didn't learn your lesson last time of trying to make original style of parodying and just stuck with the same "family guy style" stupidity that we see in millions of other flashes... Family guy is a horrible show, well maybe some chuckles in the early seasons, but when you see the whole picture its just random crap that doesn't make sense and doesn't flow with the story.

The voices are also annoying. And before there is a "reason" why they are, I KNOW it is purposely done to try and poke fun of the horrible dubs in the English version. But unfortunately there is a difference being annoying but funny enough to understand, and than there's just straight up forcing the annoyance down our throats to the point where it goes from just being desperate to suicidal attempting at laughter. I suggest you get new voices for the characters. It just sounds like every single voice in every single flash you do, and it gets boring. And if you want annoying voices, just ask for them and try them out. The only person who is doing the voices fine are the green haired person and that light blue colored guy (Sorry don't know their names and frankly I don't care, its not interesting enough to get to be familiar with them anyway)

The third episode was just not as good as the other ones... I felt I had a sore around my neck from feeling all the humor being forced down my throat with the end of a broom. Maybe little kids 5-13 years old like that kind of stuff, but when your dealing with a wide audience, your not going to do much improvement.

If I can make a suggestion, try and ask some good artists who know about these things. I recommend rtil. rtil is a MASTER of satire and parodies, and you can definitely learn from him. The difference between him and you at these things is that he executes them perfectly, and doesn't over exaggerate or over due anything, and keeps the main ideas running instead of putting pointless stupid randomness into it. And when rtil is done, the point comes across enough to make sense. When it comes to parodies/satires, rtil is the best, no question. With you... it just seems you overuse your popularity over a website and just throw it out of the wind.

Plus why is there an Advertisement in an Advertisement? It seems like you really need money that badly? Well, I guess I'll be a hypocrite and just say that if I can exploit my fans for money then hell, I'll do it. And don't worry, other people have done the same, like Miley Cyrus and that John Cena guy from wwf. They use popularity for money and exploitation, but at least it works for them. So if your going to do this, suggestion is to make a wider audience by using several tactics in a flash.

I don't post my flashes in this website for several reasons (One of them being they do not have anime or video game characters in them, so they'll just be ignored and thrown away like trash). So again, work on the execution, don't copy video game or family guy jokes, they get boring very fast, and it just shows unoriginality and laziness.

I might sound like an ass, but like I said in your third episode, i want to see you succeed, not with parodies and satire, but rather make original things that have YOUR original way of jokes, and not ones inspired or came from another show... Even rtil had original flashes along with his great satires and he's a GOD at flashes :).

Anyway, hope the fourth one is better... I haven't watched anything from you more than once since again, their the same copy/paste ideas from your earlier to earliest ones, but hopefully you'll improve.

Good luck to everyone else on the contest :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just wondering...

Hey, could you send me a message for what program you use for this kind of animation?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


egoraptor are a genius!!!!

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