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Yes, I know, the style in the ad seems to be a rip-off of cyanide and happiness. And I am very sorry :P
This is a commercial for marijuana that I had to do for a life skills project
we had to make some for of media to show:
effects of marijuana
alternative ways to cope with stress other than resorting to drugs
and an agency that helps with drug abuse

I'm not sure, but this may be a little offensive to marijuana users. If it is... i'm sorry
but i'm not a smoker, so i can't be 100% sure about all the information i put on this animation


Lol, looks like a DEA ad for "the crazy drug" or so it was called in some manner long ago. To think the framers of the constitution thought cannabis would be an economical masterpiece for the USA. If only they knew what would happen to it.

Anyways, for all those health defects it seems extraordinary that more people die annually from peanuts, or in other words there is an annual death rate of zero for marijuana smokers. Safer than medical narcotics as well.

But hey, amusing images at that.

good animation. pretty funny, as well. and predater it helps with breast cancer but it does cause all the other kinds of cancer listed on the side effects.

im not a smoker either but marijuana is a natural herb not some the shit that is made out of chemicals and crap it also helps with cancer i bet you didnt know that


I'l only use it to kill my enemies, Suicide, Give it to my friends then they pay me more then what the marijuana cost and to suffocate my teacher so no school but apart from that i'm not taking the risk


the before was me on marijuana, the after would be me on crack!

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May 15, 2010
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