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Yes, I know, the style in the ad seems to be a rip-off of cyanide and happiness. And I am very sorry :P
This is a commercial for marijuana that I had to do for a life skills project
we had to make some for of media to show:
effects of marijuana
alternative ways to cope with stress other than resorting to drugs
and an agency that helps with drug abuse

I'm not sure, but this may be a little offensive to marijuana users. If it is... i'm sorry
but i'm not a smoker, so i can't be 100% sure about all the information i put on this animation



Good movie, very funny, giving you 7 stars cause you kind of ripped off cyanide and happiness. other than that it was funny.

Wasn't bad.

But you are right, it does strongly resemble cyanide and happiness, so I would avoid doing that again to avoid any backlash.

I actually was slightly offended lol.

The voice acting and animation was sloppy but it had a good plot towards it and a couple of decent jokes. Voice acting in my opinion was what needed the most work

well...good animation... faulty info...

i am a non smoker, and i have personally done a few reports on marijuana and its effects and if it should be legalized. but many of the facts you used were actually wrong. Marijuana doesn't INCREASE the likelihood of cancer, it in fact is the exact same as smoking any carbon based material, therefore weaker than cigarettes. As far as impaired driving goes, actually in the history of marijuana there have been no reported accidents caused by marijuana, its testable, hair and urine samples can test marijuana. Hair samples can be taken and it will detect traces from a 3 month span.

that first image where you showed the guy on the ground after smoking a crap ton... well thats not possible, to officially OD on marijuana you would need UNGODLY amounts of straight THC (the chemical in marijuana that gives the high) and by UNGODLY i seriously mean UNGODLY it would be impossible to reach the OD via smoking, injecting gallons upon gallons upon gallons of THC well thats a different story entirely.

also as far as driving and ODing goes, id prefer a marijuana smoker over an alcoholic drinker. Marijuana smokers still have full ability to do whatever they do in daily tasks. One could be high and ride a bicycle at the same time. One could even hold a normal conversation whilst High. where as drinking gives you impaired judgment and.... deaths via accident or alcohol poisoning.

another thing, marijuana only effects the creativity part of your brain, essentially giving you a new perspective on what you look at or do. It doesnt effect the brain negatively. Yes there are side effects such as short term memory loss, but it only occurs during the high and wears off afterward. so you can distinctly remember what you did during the high, after your high is over. BUT! during your high you actually have a heightened memory (which yes contradicts itself) BUT this memory is boosted only slightly, if i were to tell you to remember a quote during your high and then asked you to recite the quote later during the high after having a conversation with you, you would have the ability to recall what the quote was.

the purpose of me telling you this isn't to change your mind on Marijuana, believe what you will and support what you will. But my point being is that when you research marijuana you should get the facts and not government funded teabagger facts. check other sources of information if its got government in it its false info.

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good animation and a good sense of humor, keep up the good work

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May 15, 2010
6:56 PM EDT
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