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Yes, I know, the style in the ad seems to be a rip-off of cyanide and happiness. And I am very sorry :P
This is a commercial for marijuana that I had to do for a life skills project
we had to make some for of media to show:
effects of marijuana
alternative ways to cope with stress other than resorting to drugs
and an agency that helps with drug abuse

I'm not sure, but this may be a little offensive to marijuana users. If it is... i'm sorry
but i'm not a smoker, so i can't be 100% sure about all the information i put on this animation


I give you no stars

Not because it's a rip off but for insulting the integrity of weed

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Wasn't too funny, and depicted users almost as meth addicts. If you started asking around, you'd be surprised at the number of people you know that smoke.

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Good if it was AGAINST marijuana

you should not say how good it i but how bad it can really be. IF you DID i would have givin you a 10 or 9 not 0

SteelSly responds:

i did say how bad it was...


I give you an 8 for humor and effort, but this is pretty biased. For one, it's already been proven that marijuana doesn't cause cancer. There IS a difference between THC and nicotine, you know. Also, I understand you were probably exaggerating a bit to add to the humor, but really, it's not like potheads are heroin junkies. After a joint, maybe not even that, you're good. If you're smoking a pipe, you'll even set it down and forget you were smoking sometimes, because you're already high.

Consider that marijuana A LOT safer than cigarettes, and alcohol too. Marijuana is also loads safer than any antidepressants the doctor might prescribe, a natural way to deal with anxiety, if you will.

Again, good effort, but the next project you have like this, make sure you get your facts straight.


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Damm, this sucks

Do some camp research before creating such Ad. Talk with ppl that smokes marijuana, before and after they had smoked... read about their effects e see them.

Now, besides my individual view of the content your work, your animation skills are terrible. no donut for you.

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May 15, 2010
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