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Well I was bored earlier today and doodled some charcters down, I ended up quite liking one of them. Just before that I had just listened to Demetri Martin's "These Are Jokes" CD (Highly recommended) & I just decided to quickly animate a small snippet of it.

I was going to put more into it, but things came up and I didn't go back and finish animating, just got the rough drafts really. I don't think I'm going to go back and finish it at any point either so I thought i'd just upload it.

If nothing else you'll get a good laugh from the audio. (I left the audio running after the animation stops also, just incase you want to hear the rest.)



like it, but. . .

1st. the animation is too short. you should make it a bit longer and not run the audio after the animation.
2nd. good characters but you could actually let him move around. he just stands there and talks.
3rd. i love that cd! its real funny. good choice. BUT . . . if you want to actually get alot of likes and stuff make your flashes ORIGINAL. you could obviously have that mega-man-ish guy standing right next to a wall of buttons that tell jokes you've either, written your self, or heard but not all from the same place.
besides these obvious reasons, it is pretty good.
have fun and make more!
- Tha Doktor

Karlmayte responds:

I agree with all said. It was going to be the full length of the clip, and he was going to be fully moving on the spot though. (all limbs and such, like an actual stand up.)
& this was only for abit of fun. But unfortunately I got a few unexpected things lumped on me and i am currently working on a orignal flash of mine atm and I knew i wouldn't be able to finish this. But felt like posting it. Don't particulary know why? haha

Thanks for the tips!

NO Man.

Do not copy Demetri Martin. Period. just make a different flash. your a good animator but you need to submit your own work.

Make it original!
-Commander M!

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Karlmayte responds:

I'm not copying him. I havn't claimed it to be my own? I was just in that mood and he was making me laugh. & it's good to get people into him who arnt already?
People make flash's to songs? So why can't you make a flash to a comedy sketch? (probably should be done better than mine though. I was gonna go more indepth but like I said things came up and i know i'm not going to be able to finish.

Thanks for the compliment though!

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May 15, 2010
1:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Original