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Wilbur thinks he is the last person alive so he is dreaming about what he will do since nobody else exists.

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i love your style of background (the dashed lines) and i love the face expressions of your charecter..only thing you should consider is maybe some voice acting instead of words...

Err... ok

I prever more lines instead of those cut-lines :/ I miss some sounds too...
I thought it would go to the part of actually doing something stupid and when he is doing that, he'll see people walking and then he says "oh shi-" and he crashes or something... :p

I like the style but..

I wasn't sure what kind of direction you were going with it. But it's still decent so good job!

This Flash did not really go anywhere

I watched through this Flash, and I'm not so sure about it. While it was better than anything I could do, I had a feeling that it never really got anywhere. The idea was interesting enough, but the points did not really develop. It was basically an interesting idea condensed enough to fit into two or three minutes. Some of the animation was also odd, such as when Wilbur is walking at the start. The way he 'slides' along the road regardless of how he moves is unusual. I don't want to be all hating on this video, so I might as well share my praise for it too. I thought that the animation was good in this video, and that you had a good initial idea for it all.

If you were to develop it a little more, it would have been an 8/10 from me. For some reason I get the feeling from this that you were intending to do a lot more, but simply never got round to it. It felt a little bit abrupt at the end.

I enjoyed it.

The animation wasn't perfect, but it was cute and a delightful film to wake up to. The music accompanied the film well and i liked your character :). Keep practising your flash, you have definite potential.

Keep it up.

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May 15, 2010
5:58 AM EDT