Robot Wants Puppy

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Robot got a kitty, now he needs its help to get a puppy! Why not? Explore and collect powerups to expand Kitty's abilities.

Arrow keys move and jump
X employs Kitty's assistance (need a powerup first)

ESC to save & exit
P to pause
0 to mute
- and + to adjust volume
Special trick: on the Awards screen, press A while B is held down to erase your awards and start over.


its ok but

if you get hit one time you die and your wepon sucks


i think this is interesting,,,nice job

Fun and long game

Graphics are very retro and the kitty looks funny but deadly,but the bad guys look OK,some aliens and robots and one badass mouse in a robot
Music is also OK and the sound effects are not bad,not much to say
Gameplay is great and kinda funny,what kitty can kill so many robots and aliens,fly using it`s tail,... In the other words i like the gameplay

Overall,fun game,and will robot want a bird or a fish ?

5/5 8/10

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interesting to say the lest

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Worthy sequel to the original

This game serves well as a sequel to the first game, but is not really brilliant on its own.
The graphics are mostly reused from the first game, so I haven't much to comment on them. The graphics generally look like Commander Keen, a retro-graphics style that's not used very often. I like how it feels kind of authentically old-school, not "fake retro" like many games do with very advanced graphics, then simply pixels to make it retro.
The soundtrack is great and most of the sound effects are good, though nothing special.
The gameplay continues from the first game, with some new abilities. However I found the new gameplay actually worse than in the first game. Having to throw your cat all the time was kind of annoying. Until you get the ability to warp your cat back after having thrown it you basically have to die after every enemy that you kill in order to make the cat return to you. Also once you have thrown the cat an en enemy, the enemy goes nuts and often runs straight into the player robot causing you to die while the robot survives. That was particularly annoying in the place just after you got the first keycard and had to kill an enemy in a really small space: as soon as you threw the cat at the enemy it charged right at you, killing you so that you had to do it all over again.
After getting the ability to warp your cat back it was a lot less frustrating and you could stop dying on purpose, but there are other flaws as well. While the ceiling cat ability was hilarious I found flying is faster than crawling in the ceiling, but when you fly using the tornado-tail ability you go straight up into the roof making you roof-crawl, slowing you down, which is a bit annoying.
Overall the new abilities were good, but still really feel like "sequel abilities", none as polished as the abilities in the first game.
The hitboxes in the game are sometimes also way off and you die with apparently no reason.
The game has a lot of humor anyways (a long intro, then "in a completely different place, robot wants puppy") and I'd still like a another sequel.
For a third game I think you should rethink the game a bit though. The game could definitely use a new graphic set and a bit more balance, with some new abilities to keep it entertaining and much more polish.

Right now, while it's fun, it's not much more than that. Graphics are really so-so, the sound effects are not outstanding, gameplay works but never is hilariously fun to play and once the game is over, took me 68 minutes, it's over and I can't really say I want to replay it anytime soon. So this game gets a stable 7/10 rating from me, but unless the sequel really rethinks things that's how high ratings this series will get from me.

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4.19 / 5.00

May 14, 2010
6:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other