Robot Wants Puppy

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Robot got a kitty, now he needs its help to get a puppy! Why not? Explore and collect powerups to expand Kitty's abilities.

Arrow keys move and jump
X employs Kitty's assistance (need a powerup first)

ESC to save & exit
P to pause
0 to mute
- and + to adjust volume
Special trick: on the Awards screen, press A while B is held down to erase your awards and start over.


there's a secret and it's making poop look good! >:i :',(

Oh my god is this game tedious. Not nearly as good as the first. The whole throwing your cat thing would be alright if you didn't have to go fetch it every fucking time or you eventually got a gun pretty early on.

I don't want to have to throw a cat an enemy, tediously wait it to kill it, try avoid getting hit by the enemy freaking out (otherwise restarting the process), and going to fetch the cat all over again.

loved it but found a glitch:
when i got the 5th security card, the eletric line had 1 of the things stop funtionong, making it so you can go to the 7th keycard tunnel.

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I love this game! It improves on the first one in almost every way, and while there are some annoyances, it's well worth the time to play. The additional upgrades and kitty-related mechanics are well-implemented, and the music and graphics have improved. Recommended!

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Not as Good as the First, but Alright.

This was an OK game, but I hate that it's prequel (Robot Wants Kitty) was better (in my own opinion, of course). While I appreciate the greater interactivity, the updated main menu, and fun kitty related techniques, I found myself getting more upset from losing the kitty and having to either try to grab it and die trying or kill myself. Just as well, I thought that losing the rocket jump from Robot Wants Kitty was also a let down; that speed made the game.

I would recommend this game if you like a challenge or are a patient completest.

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4.19 / 5.00

May 14, 2010
6:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other