Triangle's Date Quest

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A traditional point and click adventure game starring Triangleclock himself, point and click him out of trouble before you miss your date.


Pretty funny

I liked how everything was gay except the holy poster, but is it really beatable?

asshatclock responds:

Yeah try un-gaying the key with the anti-gay spray you find in the locker

HALP! How do you play this game

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not original

not all that original, however very funny, unfortunatly, point and clicks have to be realy original to get high scores in my book, nice work though

asshatclock responds:

I'll make the sequel even better

Not beatable

The game is... well different... Maybe it wouldn't be that bad if it would be easier to beat.. I mean... nobody who wrote a comment till now could beat it Oo
I clicked the whole scenerie and nothing happened
And about hte rating.. are you sure that this is suitable for teens? Oo

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asshatclock responds:

Its definatly beatable, let me guess you don't know how to open the gay door ?
Well maybe youre just shit at adventure games.

Anyway I think its suitable for teens, if a teen is shocked at the word gay then they must be pretty shitty teens.

what the hell

no way to beat and he calls everything but the penis that he picks up gay... WHAT THE HELL

asshatclock responds:

Youre supposed to ungay them

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3.06 / 5.00

May 14, 2010
10:34 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click