The Final Death Wish

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AWESOME 1.1 PATCH (once the admins approve):
* Added a slight delay to prevent wrong-perk-picking.
* Added persistent auto-save
* Added Y to dash left with for German keyboards.
* Added N to disable/enable meteorites/drills/explosi on.
* Improved performance.
* Survival mode now goes on forever.
* Fixed Pheonix Furry god-mode bug.
* Fixed meteroites not working after loading a game.
* Fixed a few grammar and spelling errors.
* Fixed a handful of crashes and freezes.

* 7 unique weapons, each with 5 distinct level upgrades (maybe even 6?!).
* 7 sets of helmets & armour, allowing you to mix & match.
* 7 unique gadgets, each with their pros and cons.
* 60 different perks to choose from, each time you level-up, up to level 30, for a total of 28 perks (maybe even all 60?!).
* A branching map with 25 different battle-spots, some optional, some required! (maybe even 26?!).
* An unique challenge for each battle-spot, each with an additional perk reward (over 80 perks in total now).
* 18 achievements related to Story Mode and 6 achievements for Survival Mode (you do the math).
* Saving, loading and performance options.
* A bloody jump-button! Your welcome :-)

I really wanted to implement the NG medal system, but it just didn't happen, sorry.

Finally! The game itself has been ready for a few months and now it's finally out! It bears a very close resemblance to my 2 last projects: Attack of the Ubermothers, but mostly Madness Deathwish 2. If you've played Madness Deathwish 2, then you'll be pleased with the amounts of references and especially the ending is going to make you feel good on the inside.

I like to think that this is going to be the final Death Wish (even though I just learned how to spell the title correctly), but it's just so much damn fun to make. All except for the drawing/graphic part. I enjoy drawing small things, but scale it up and I lose interest pretty fast. The project was mostly kept on hold, due to my lack of interest in drawing.

If the game pulls you in for more than 10 minutes (took me over an hour to speed-run the damn thing!), then for the love of gaming, tell me what to improve on ^^

Thank you to all the people who made wish-lists for a Madness Deathwish 2 sequel. Here it is! Enjoy.


Fallout Level up system...

I noticed the perk system was from fallout 3 and the weapon leveling from rachet and clank, a lot of matrix references =D and a whole load of others. Also, the active reload from Gears Of war =D. Great game, i sat there until i was the highest level all challenges completed and all weapons, armor and gadgets. All leveled up =D Best game in a while 10/10 5/5 Faved.

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Arkuni responds:

Awesome ::l

Keep on playing good games ^^

5 hours later....

This game is a great game to me because it does what a video game is supposed to do; hook you to the point where you don't want to leave until you've beated the game or you've died from malnutrition / internal waste poisoning / dehydration / etc.

Yes, some may point out the difficulty of the agents (not really), some may point out the lag near the end (which should be expected because of the increase of bad guys, bullets, and bloodshed), and others may not be turned on by such a game...

BUT I LOVE IT! Thanks for the great game! Now....what was I supposed to be doing?


this is by far the best game ive ever played on newgrounds its just amazing it gets over 9000(!) out of 10

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SO ADDICTIVE! YOU HAD ME UP TILL TWO IN THE MORNING! But all awesomeness aside, did you base the whole perk thing on Fallout 3?

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Good game !

This game is ver easy ! Even a baby cuold win this game !

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May 14, 2010
4:51 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
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