Lady Noir

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Are you ready for a true collaboration?
Animators, voice actors, programmers, original musicians, and designers unite under one project


this idea started way back in December when i was recalling how i used to love watching the "noir" section on newgrounds before i was an animator. So i started this idea (and with the help of phobotech altering the idea a bit) and it became what it is now! this project has some truly great artists involved and it was a pleasure to work with all of them!

so i hope u guys enjoy! - please recommend us to the noir section!
(sry to ngs for me and fatkid's insane amount of pms back and forth...)



Hah I really loved this. BTW I automatically give you a 10/10 5/5 not only because the animations were great but ALSO because you USED THE MIRRORS EGDE THEM!


Nice work guys!


rely love it :D

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Utterly breathtaking

It wasn't random at all I felt. It was truly amazing. You weren't kidding, this really was true collaboration. The music was stunning the original pieces(which I must find to download). The voices and story. The story it was good. It didn't give out much detail, it makes you try to piece together in your mind about Lady Noir. The somewhat cliff hanger ending, while at most times to cliche for this it worked perfectly. It added to the aura of mystery. Over all it was spectacular. It would be cool to see another Lady Noir collab. Just to fill in a bit more about her I think. hmm although that could have and adverse effect. The unknown is so much more appealing.

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actually worth watchinq

i like it , all your quys have different styles and you managed to find a common ground. awesome . you guys should do this more :)


That was fantastic, I particularly liked "Greed" the most....the use of Pink Floyd music was brilliant. Awesome stuff

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May 14, 2010
2:51 AM EDT