Corpus Callosum (5/5)

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Skullface Sammy escapes the clutches of Dr. D and ventures out into the strange world. After leaving his brainwashed daily life he finds another world but even more sinister plans Dr. Deliberate has as he unleashes his cruelest most insidious monsters yet and Sam and the free people must fight on behalf of Gaia to return life to the one world and escape the machine of death.

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This was absolutely beautiful! Great job, and thank you so much for sharing it!

It's a real sham it took you this long to be get recognized for this great story.

Damn dude!

That was deep!

Holy shit.

My name is sam.
This series of animations resonates with my life on millions of different levels, even very personal ones. God, this is strange, as if im seeing my future in real time, in some kind of animation. Especially when you quoted "lets change the world with fusion, because ive been working on blueprints for a fusion generator to simulate the events going on inside the core of a star. And there is a mysterious alter ego that helps me do it. And ive always had the thought that my life was a lie. And...EVERYTHING ELSE! What the hell is this!? WHY!?


Just watched the whole series and really liked it! The poetry was pretty good but the story was great, i liked the psychedelia of it all and the symbolism and just the whole weird and yet palpable feel the whole thing had. You really created a world i could imagine. Nice stuff!


I didn't quite understand it, and the bottom line of text was cut off. Otherwise, nice job.

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4.77 / 5.00

May 13, 2010
10:33 PM EDT