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EDIT: I just want to respond to all of the reviewers saying that the man's character movement was delayed and sometimes had a low frame rate. What you have to understand is that this animation was put together in Motion not Flash. So in order to actually have the man in the animation I had to export him as a mov. file with an alpha channel from Flash and import him into Motion. This created a bunch of timing problems which weren't my fault and that is why you see some delays. But I personally think that despite all of the problems I encountered when getting Flash animation into Motion, the timing isn't actually that bad, but I will agree that the animation lags a little bit in a couple of places. But yeah, I just wanted to clear a few things up, cos I did put a massive amount of work into this, it took me over 2 months to make.

A man misses the bus and comes across a mysterious box in a back alley. Is this just an ordinary box? Or is it something much more than that?!

For those wondering, this animation was made using Flash CS4/CS3, Motion 3 and Swift 3D v.6. Oh yeah and the track used is: All For U (Instrumental) by RJD2.

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Fucking Awesome!

Really, I don't know what everyones problem is. I enjoyed the music, the absurdity, it was a great little video


wow, animation is smooth, sound trak is nice, but quite a wierd story
8out of10

i thought it was a game??

i thought it was a game?? and we all know what thought thought don't we.?
constructive review. it's true i do like the stories twist.
you should have done it the right way the first time, like use flash, thats what i have learned with things even if it takes longer to learn how to do it, it never comes out the way you want it to, and you end up doing it the correct way in the end which takes longer anyway.
but i must give stars for your efforts. hope this helps??

M4KBOT responds:

erm...how on earth did you think it was a game? Were you not swayed in your persistent belief that this was a game by the lack of instructions or gameplay? I mean what did you even think you had to play as? Lol, but yeah. You say use to use Flash in your review, I DID use Flash for a lot of the animation and I know how to use flash, I've been using it for 5 years.

Cool idea but some colors were too similar

The guy's shirt was very similar to the color of the buildings in the background, making things seem to blur together when the camera moved. Otherwise I like the twist.

Just missing a little bit.

The style of animation and the flow of it was very professional and polished. A little more work in scene flow, and on people i could see you animating some incredible short films. I feel you could do that little bit extra that would make this feel like it belongs in a portfolio instead of a fan site(would put it in there anyway, couldn't hurt.)