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This Is My first platform game i might work on some really good game from this but its just a start


You got this from a tutorial by Flash8Games.

Sort of hard though. And it's really dull. Maybe you should get a
programmer like jmbt02.


The graphics were nice. I liked the platforms and background, and the animation had nice easing, except for the player and the coins, which were animated rather sloppily and didn't fit the style of the rest of it. The spikes looked too similar to the ground and I tried jumping on them once only to lose a ton of health, and the font and overlay didn't fit the style of the rest of the game. Also, Coins should have been replaced with Points, or else each coin should only be worth one "coin". It could have used some sound, too.

The gameplay wasn't too good, I'm afraid. There was no momentum or acceleration, the gravity seemed almost wobbly, and there wasn't much work put into the hitTest. I do like the ingenuity of making the VCam follow the player slowly, and then resetting the player if he touches the VCam. That was interesting... But fallible. I noticed falling infinitely several times. I think you were overdoing the hitTests, and you might have gotten away with something like if(player._y>soandso){ or similar.

Overall the graphics are nice but that's about all that you have going for it.

FlashChickBoom responds:

Thanks for the review kwing :). sorry for late reply but i agree with everything said here, like i said barely any work was put into this so its not very good, i can do better graphics, animation and so on but this was just a start, like a test. Ill be sure to make my next game more awesome.... I am making it with you after all :D


This one seems to have some fixes that the first one didn't have. This is much better because you can actually get to the end.

Not the best, but like you said "it's a start." Good luck on your further games.

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FlashChickBoom responds:

thank you


I see a huge potential in you, if you practices your skills in flash everyday, you will be a famous flash artist in no time, keep it up, and good job :)

HINT: if you can't use your favorite song in your flash because you feel guilty of the consequences because it's not yours, then you should ask a music artist in newgrounds if you can have his/her permission of using his/her song

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FlashChickBoom responds:

thank you very much, i appreciate that.

Not very original

This game has just been made from the turorial platform gmae videos on youtube.. exactly the same, different animations.

FlashChickBoom responds:

no i havnt used any youtube tutorials, this has nothing to do with that, i saw my friend make a game and he taught me a bit about as2, this game was ment to be a ninja going from white to black belt so yeah, but ill be workin on the sequel (alot better than this) if i could have help from a programmer.

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2.20 / 5.00

May 13, 2010
6:01 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other