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The theme here is... well that smoking cigarettes and drinking maybe the problem and not the solution to reality. Nothing much more to ad and comments and criticism are welcome even dough I made this flash with very little thought and that's why it's not that interesting to be honest.

P.S. This Is my first 100% finished flash movie so don't be too judgmental kthnxbye.

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Amazing work. The animation is very good, and the premise is simple and relaxing to watch.

Pretty good for the first try

The animation was really ok, one could make out everything. I guess my first animation wouldn't look that smooth.
I don't like shading with hachures that much, but that's just my personal opinion and does not mean that it's necessarily worse that just using darker colors on accordant areas. In fact, it gives the whole a drearier impression.

I don't know how you made the music, but it's pretty good and suits nice, respect for that :)

As for the actual content and message of the flash:
It tries to say the right thing, but it's kind of unrealistic.

I'm non-smoker too and don't like it, and i also think that one shouldn't let oneself get persuaded to do it, cause it's not.
But smoking is not that kind of drug that actually allows oneself to escape reality, nor does it affect the personal career in any way. In fact, most stereotypical wealthy businessmen are seen smoking either a cigar or a cigarette.
Another thing that is rather unrealistic is the fact that the boy gets offered the cigarette yet does not smoke it in presence of the other guy. I can't remember anyone ever having offered cigarettes to a (so far) non-smoker without smoking it with him/her. Normally you have to make the decision while around the others. Therfore you will normally have to reject the cigarette right away, by the time you take it this normally also means that you're going to smoke it.

As for the alcohol, it's of course something different - in that point i agree with you. Yet it was strangely put on a level with cigarettes. You can see an empty bottle at the beginning of the movie under his bed, but aside from that the protagonist does not show any connection to alcohol, yet is afraid of becoming a dosser because of the cigarette.

But overall i liked it nonetheless.

flamereaver responds:

Thanks for the review and I'll admit that the message is not very realistic :), but Didn't have time to make a new flash so I had to finish this old one and you may notice that the character becomes better drawn near the end, that's because I merely made an ending scene and new backgrounds to the flash. I would have liked to make it more alcohol related, but i didn't have time :(.

P.S. Thanks for the in-depth review and i appreciate the positive feedback.


I didn't think that the sketchiness hurt the flash all that bad. In fact i think it reinforced the whole distorted reality message that drugs are cool. I liked it shot, sweet, and to the point. this 60 second(ish?) flash had more meaning to it than most of the million dollar Hollywood blockbusters. animation could of been better i admit but overall 4/9


I was much more impressed with the backgrounds, the character animation seemed choppy and sloppy. I liked it, but to be honest you should of cut the frame by frame stuff. It really hurt the overall flash.

flamereaver responds:

The reason behind that is that I've started this flash a year ago and dropped it. So I just recently decided to finish it and I mostly focused on redoing the backgrounds.


You submitted this piece to NG to be judged, so you shouldn't ask people to not be judgmental. That's what they're here to do. You should just say "keep in mind this was my frist flash" or something.

Anywho, you've got good ideas for angles and sequencing, but the artwork needs to improve. You'll get there, you've got the hardest parts figured out already, stuff that some artists never achieve. Just keep at it and you'll do great things.

flamereaver responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback I actually thought that no one would even bother commenting. I really appreciate your thoughts.