Hearts Aloft

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Author Comments

A hero must fly through the clouds using only balloons. With his trusty blade he must overcome danger, ninjas and dragons on his quest. How high will you soar in this tale of adventure, bravery and true love?

Arrow keys to move your samurai. Your sword automatically strikes when near enemies.
Space Bar fires your secondary weapon, the shuriken.
Collect gold coins and spend them at shops in the clouds.

-- Hello everyone, this is a little free game I coded up over the last few weeks. If you find it runs slowly for you, turn down the graphics quality and/or switch off particle effects. I hope you like it.

Thanks to Wyldfire1 (http://wyldfyre1.newgrou nds.com) for the beautiful piano piece "Melancholy."

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Slow loading but fun game!

Nice game!When it was loading I didn't care that it was slow because the game was great!Nice work!


It won't load. What is wrong with this game. I probebley wouldn't have been a good or exciting game, either.

Superb Game!

I really enjoyed this very creative and innovative new game.
If there is to be a second version I would make only two suggestions....

*I would have your little samuri be "mouse" controlled with the left mouse button being the "shooter" and.....

*I would either make the coins an automatic catch when taken from the little chickadees or the enemy or if that is considered too easy then at the very least when the "magnet" is scooped or possibly purchased then any free coins will be automatically "drawn" towards our little hero for a few seconds.

I did truly enjoy this game and look forwared to future additions as well as other new games from this very talented creator.

hechaos responds:

Jenny, thankyou for your kind and insightful review. The mouse controls are certainly an option, if there's ever a sequel or an upgrade to the game I'll certainly look at putting them in there.

Thanks again :)

My plummeting heart is alofted(?) by this game.

Very challenging and fun game. I keep coming back for more!

hechaos responds:

I like the cut of your jib, sir!


OJ shows his human heart in a stunning tale of love that takes you to the heavens in a quest to touch the face of god. Ultimately one ends up crashing face first into the ground from a great height while your loved one cries over your mangled wreck of a body , tremendously moving stuff!

hechaos responds:

It's Shakespearean isn't it... lol

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

May 13, 2010
12:21 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other