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Brotherhood of Battle

rated 4.20 / 5 stars
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May 12, 2010 | 8:05 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Brotherhood of Battle is an MMO made by Moonkey and Myself. It took half a year of full time work, and has for a long time been exclusive to


make sure you check out the tutorial. This is a fun game to play, but takes a few rounds to get the hang of. once you give it a fair chance I'm sure you will enjoy fighting your friends, meeting new people, and building your rep!

Please respect other peoples opportunity to enjoy this game, and enjoy it yourself! i great challenge and a lot of fun.

Also, MOONKEY has done SO much work in keeping this game alive, so let's all share a minute of silence in his honor...




Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty decent

Pretty good game but theres a couple things which could make it better

Leveling up

In game chat

Mouse movement

how the characters move, i tried moving one guy but another guy was in the way and he wasted all his movement area i know i could just restart his movement by switching characters buuuutttt

character leveling


hope to see these implemented but pretty good game

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

The work shows

I have been following the production of this game on some of your other websites and it is great to see it finished! I am not a big fan of RPG's, but this really works for the demographic. I thought it was interesting to see the graphics that were used, as that was the game's strongest point. The tutorial was not the most clear, but it was impressive how you guys made an online communit out of this. The music is very nice as well, and I like the voices that are used. It looks as though all of your hard work has paid off.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty solid albeit simple

This game may be simple and the art work leaves a bit to be desired, however it functions well, I enjoyed playing it, and the game modes were fun, and using strategy makes a big difference. I was playing assault, and there was a ranger buff in the center, which I assume are random? So I grab it, and just focus on holding it with knights and building rangers. What does my opponent do? He just built more rogues, which I proceeded to use scout on to see through stealth and own. I could see how he was thinking to go for my orb, but he only sent one rogue at a time.... Victory always goes to the player that thinks ahead, proving that this game has surprisingly deep levels of strategy for a simple flash game, nice work.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bored Person Writing A Review

It looks good, and all, and it's a fun game overall. the customization is severly limited and so it gets rather repetitive. It would be nice if you would add more options to the map editor to allow more variety and freedom in creating new maps. Nothing else though except the style which I can't really comment on.

But more importantly, people really need to learn how to "properly" play the game. So here's a bunch of hints for you just in case.

Speaking of which, there's also a nice "How to Play" button which people apparently don't bother to use.

Part I- The Basics, a few things to note
-You can undo your character's current movement by clicking the undo button beside the "End turn" button.
-You don't have to use up your power every turn, there's also a nice defend button in there to prevent power usage and grant a defense bonus.
-You can switch between units by clicking on their character portrait at the edge of the screen.
-The fog of war, once cleared, stays cleared for the rest of the game.
-You can move through the map by dragging on the minimap. This also cancels the current unit selection.
-You have 60 seconds per turn. Use it. SERIOUSLY. USE IT NOW.
>>Seriously. Use the 60 seconds, unless you're currently executing a plan. Even then, be sure to look around.
-There's a surrender button beside the timer, use it.

Part II- General Strategy (No particular order)
-Try to play around with your unit movement to maximize buffs and heals. For example, the Knight's Battle Cry, effective for use on the first or second turn can easily be made to fit all 5 units.
-In all battles except Brotherhood, it's all about gold, Gold, GOLD. Get to those gold mines as quickly as you can and always keep note of them. And whatever else that helps you get richer.
-You should know when to retreat and stay back. Charging blindly at an enemy is stupid, especially since the units have different movement ranges. Staying back and waiting can effectively decide the outcome.
-Try to focus on one enemy at a time. And no, you don't always go for the priests, that's what idiots do- though they still should always be considered. Remember the hp for the units, and try to go for a strategy that kills one unit for sure. Rogues or rangers are usually the best to kill first, and you should never go straight for a knight.
-Battles have specific objectives, and none of them are to kill all enemy units. Especially with Gold Rush and Capture and Hold, you should always think of the objective in mind.
-Rogues are for sneaking. Period, unless you're already engaged, in which case you should attempt to spam backstabs. Seriously...
=Speaking of which, keep note of enemy rogue position when they sneak. Decloak them by moving nearby. It's usually worth the potential backstab.
-Healing will decloak rogues, it still modifies hp. Buffs like Battle Cry, however, will not.
-Rangers should scout on their first turn, second turn too, if you feel it's needed. It provides a large map bonus, and if you're on a small map, can potentially help root out those rogues.
-Priests and Mages can book and stab enemies for 15 damage. Fuck what the descriptions say, don't be afraid to get them into melee, unless it's really stupid. That goes for the rangers too, except for 20.
-Rogues should usually notuse a normal attack, although you can if desired.
-Resurrect can be very brutal to your enemies, though it's not wise to go straight for it. It should usually be your first skill to research.

Part III- Misc
-An example of a solid opening:
>Rogue/Sneak, Mage/Defend or Mine, Ranger/Scout, Priest/Defend, Warrior/War Cry
>[Treasury], then [Taxing], then [Mining], then [Armory] or [Training Hall] if needed, Research all Three, [Allegiance], then spawn units.
-Statues: Warrior[Lay on Hands], Ranger [Explosive Arrow], Priest, [Smite], Mage [Life Drain]. None are particularly useful except Smite or perhaps Lay on Hand

No characters. Ah well, this is all crap anyways. Most important thing is to actually bother to think before you act.

P.S. This is a TBS. not MMORTS

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


It takes hours to get into a game, but great game!

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