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Super 3D Pig Feeder

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Author Comments


Requires Flash 10 and a computer that isn't a PowerPC! If you only have a PowerPC, play it at the library or something! They won't mind!

A first person shooter, but without the violence and the death! Yeah, that totally doesn't defeat the whole purpose! Remember that unlicensed SNES game? This is like that, except it's not awful.

The first Doom total conversion ever made specifically for Flash! Now wait, don't leave! This isn't just a Doom mod... It's a new game with completely custom graphics, sounds, levels, and a lot of new code that uses Mike Welsh's Doom port as a base (with permission, of course).

Not just a run-and-gun shoot-em-up (er, feed-em-up), Super 3D Pig Feeder requires puzzle solving and observation skills one might use to complete games such as Monkey Island or King's Quest. So if you just want to shoot things without having to use your brain and employ lateral thinking... play something else.

Special thanks to Mike Welsh for porting Doom to Flash (without him this game would not exist), Esselfortium for teaching me a VERY great deal about Doom modding (without him the game would be pretty crummy), Quasar` for helping me implement silent teleportation (without him level five and the secret level would have been impossible), and of course id Software for creating the Doom engine.

Adobe Alchemy has been all but forgotten, even by Adobe, and I hope this game will restimulate interest. You know Alchemy is awesome.

Oh yes, and as per the GNU GPL, here's the source code (but not the WAD-- I don't want you figuring out the secrets too easily): http://projectenthalpy.co m/SomePig.zip



It's a great game, even if I suck at it :P By the way, are those pig graphics from Spider's Web, a Pig's Tale?

NAveryW responds:

I made all the graphics myself with the exception of a few stock images (the photorealistic pigs on the title screen and the castle on the map) and the final boss.

A Hilarious Doom/Wolf3D Remake

I'm sure Doom mods with various aliens and weapons are a dime a dozen, but shooting food at glow-in-the-dark pigs takes some wacky imagination. Overall very enjoyable, though those who hadn't played Doom or Wolf3D etc as a kid might not appreciate the humour of it all. I haven't played the whole game, but I notice a lot of white walls that looks a little distorted around the corners. Might be due to the choice of colour, or maybe something else, I don't know. Sometimes when the entire corridor is white I can't quite tell where the corners are. I mean, sure you're trying to make it look like Doom, but a little modern-day sharpness in the graphics wouldn't hurt.

A shame that you can't use the mouse as naturally as you would in modern day FPS games, but that's no fault of your own I guess. Keyboard is fine, although I would like to see you implement a "key sensitivity" akin to the mouse sensitivity settings. Using arrow keys to turn is rather painfully slow.

As far as pigs go, seeing a few more varieties would be nice. If you're making them glow in the dark, why not add in a few more colours?

Amazing - but very difficult

I loved the controls and thought they were very easy to use and I loved the story. Can't get past the yellow room in E1M2... I can't get up there. A walkthrough wold be great, but unnecessary - I don't want to pressure you when you have many other important things to do. I liked the fact that there's a Dunlap Pig Industries website... XD
Thanks for making yet another awesome game, Nicholas!

nice game overall

I liked the Doom effect, but I wish I could use my mouse to move, because frankly i'm not very good with arrow keys to move around with. Overall, I thought the game was excellently made, and the controls were fairly simple to learn. Hats off to you!


NAveryW responds:

Thank you. This being Flash, you have to click and drag to move with the mouse. That's unavoidable. But you can use the mouse if you click and drag.

super moses 3D

it reminds me of it alot but i think that one was exactly doom levels with goats and moses it still really fun and super badass

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Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

May 12, 2010
4:32 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person