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Cirque des Enfants

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EDIT: David Buchanan's band More Silage (who wrote / performed the music) have a MySpace page here http://www.myspace.com/moresilage The song used in this film is off their debut album "Farmer! Farmer NO!" and is called "The Last Ice Cream Van".

A film made for my final project at college. Next year I'm going to uni to study Illustration & Animation so this was just a short "see what I can do on my own" kinda thing. I did it in just over a month.

Hope you enjoy it and remember... don't wander off from your parents...

Original music by my friend David Buchanan. Thanks David. Thavid.

EDIT: Woah... front page. Epic. Thanks so much guys, I am really proud of myself, and i believe my cartoons will only keep getting better.

I hope to release another short movie this summer tentatively titled 'Brandy'. Will feature my trademark dark humour (is that a trademark now?) and yeah... hope it's just as popular.

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Now that's interesting

The really squiggly animation came off as a bit unsettling at first but then I realized that this entire thing was intended to be unsettling! The coolest part was the ending where you realized how horrible everything was. It was horrifying to see the truth behind the circus. I don't know whatever language this is, but I guess in English it means, "Circus Of Infants". The music is also fantastic and really helps with the surrealism. The coolest scene was probably when he was falling through the empty space with the doughnuts.

The music also becomes more cruel when you are aware of what is going on. I love how the imagery of the skulls in the background contrasts with the squiggly line design. It really makes you feel sorry for all the kids who had to go through that! It was obvious that someone with such a long nose was a villian. This is why you never let your kids out of your sight.


One of the best animations I have ever seen

What an intresting story

and one of the best music i everd heard
relly adds the taste to the story



That was creepy...

I liked it though. It has pretty good music at least.