Life In a Tank

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My second Senseless Short!

I got the idea for this animation after reading somewhere that goldfish had a 3 sec memory. It is probably untrue, but that would make life in a fish tank a little less boring:)

Anyway, I hope you like it!

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nou doubt

ur skills as an animator are SUPERB (way better than mine haha) but u should have had the fish go back 3 times at each age- it got SOOO long and boring....

work on your story telling skills and u will rise quickly to the top!

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Skeenee responds:

Tx for your comment!

I kinda intended it be a bit repetitive ( like a boring goldfish life) but yeah you are all completely right, I might have pushed it a bit too much:P Was a bad story telling decision.

Will be better next time:P

GOOD....however lacking

wow I loved the animation clean sweet pretty good looking
okay yeah dragged out a bit I was all like if it's dragging out this much there's gonna be an EPIC punchline.............and then it was like no punch line WHAT!
that lost you alot of marks I still really liked this for the animation and the voice acting (and the choons) but not that funny I know it was supposed to be "senseless" but it just seemed pointless instead
work on your humour and your story and plot please!
good luck with future efforts and keep it up!

Skeenee responds:

Fair comment, thanks for the constructive criticism mate!

Working on better stories as we speak.

My senseless shorts were more aimed at training my animation skills and finding a workflow I feel at ease with before strating bigger projects.

Stay tuned for the next ones:)


sorry man i just found this really Dull your work was good but just looping a fish 3 times then going to him older just seems kinda pointless

Skeenee responds:

Yeah, I should have added stickmen beating the crap of each other with flaming dicks at the end, everyone would have been happy then...

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3.98 / 5.00

May 12, 2010
1:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original