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Here comes the prequel of Infectonator...
I hope you guys enjoy it, please give a constructive feedback..


Great game

Overall, this is really entertaining and has some good quality. I did have some lag issues with it, and at one point it somehow got itself into a pause loop where it was pausing and then unpausing immediately afterwards. This really bothered me because I wasn't able to continue my game and I hadn't even saved yet, but the only way to correct the issue was to reload the screen. But overall, great game.

Pretty good

the game is cool, and the option to play on auto is really amazing
Boring to miss some spelll on NG page¬¬

Fun, but with some real problems.

As mentioned a couple of times, the massacre bonus is near impossible on some levels since they don't always spawn all the enemies (even when you don't destroy a single building). Secondly, this game eats computer memory like nobody's business. Part of this is likely firefox, but at one point, this game was using up 1.5 GIGS of my system memory. I had to manually stop the process before my computer crashed.

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Really great...

But I can never get the last few achievements. You have to be beat the last level, but it resets your save data to just before the level when you win.

fun game

fun game, I loike RTSs. main problem: Ctrl+W closes the window, and I was holding ctrl to show health bars and then pressed W to move the screen

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4.35 / 5.00

May 12, 2010
2:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)