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Ok so :)
this is a music video for my band's song. I'm not expecting to get a high score on this, i just wanted to post it up as merely an advertisement or for boredom purposes :(.
So take a look and let me know if you like the song or not (which is the main thing I'm trying to show off with this animation).

EDIT: Bleeeerk, sorry about the looping edit, I didnt export the final thing :(



owie owie owie owie...

neat song tho hahah


My brain hurts.

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Good music

Is the video specifically for inducing seizures? Cuz I think my brain is cooking...

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not bad but not good either

Well its not that bad (song) i heard a lot more worse this song quite nice if u lisen to it few times :D, well animation its realy poor, dont let lazynes to get it next time

Epilepsy warning

That song was pretty fucked up... and those fucked up animations (not the lines) sure suited it. Anyhow, the song wasn't my sort of thing. It sounded really "out of it" whereas I prefer music that's more in sync with itself. Watching lines go crazy for however long this was proved to not be too entertaining.

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VinciAnimations responds:

lol yea i didnt try very hard on the animation i got pretty lazy and just wanted to get it done. not the right attitude but w/e :P
and yea our music is a bit odd at times :)
thx for the review.

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May 11, 2010
8:07 PM EDT
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