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Planet Noevo

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Your ship crashed on the wrong planet. Aliens are swarming and the only defense you have is your wrecked ship. Upgrade your ship, collect ressources and manage your inventory. Can you survive long enough to get rescued?

W,A,S,D - Move
Mouse - Aim and Shoot
R - Reload
Q - Show Inventory (pause)
Esc - Pause Game
Space - Enter Base
While in the base
E - Base Upgrades screen (pause)
R - Items factory (pause)
Space - Exit base



After i clicked play, the game sat on a picture of half a firey planet, so i didnt get to play, but by the look of the other reviews the game is pretty good. good work!

pretty good

its a good game but a lil short on the 10day thing, an time goes really fast.
To the guy below how could u not kill the wrom i had 20 gunsmith and a rifle and i killed it easy.... just stand back a little bit and shoot its attacks will miss lol.... ur so fail....
otherwise good game

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Good game.

It's pretty fun, but when You get to the worm boss, the game slows down alot. I hated the Worm boss cause there was no way to dig when You are supposed to kill it. I had a Rocket Launcher and full Gunsmith and I still couldn't defeat it. Make the HP on the boss lower and that will help alot.

pretty fun.

one of the better games on here with the upgrades the item construction and the multiple game modes! keep up the good work!

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After a certain point the game is ment to be lost

The game was great until things got over powered.
the upgrades do very little after day 40 all weapons are useless,and running is the best bet, the rolly-pollies are easiest to dodge by taking cover, but the spider like things just take health just by being near, the spitters are the easiest to outrun, and they at least need to show its attack. i miss the worm, its attacks are predictable, its now day 76, and if i every night is just ment to kill me about five times, outrunning the rollipollies is next to impossible when they swarm (everything is upgraded,including the defenses beds,gun etc.) the base does nothing to stop the attack, the gun(super turret) has so far never killed one of the attackers after lvl 40.

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4.19 / 5.00

May 11, 2010
7:10 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun