Toilet Paper Man

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Mr Toilet

I havn't animated in 2 years nearly becuase my computer crashed and i lost flash.
I just decided to get it back and heres the result



First of great job on making this a small size flash and still getting a good amount of conent in there i was impressed with that, aww now this cartoon was abit creative with the differant styles of toilet dispensers and such, the animation mixed with reall images was the creative part, as for the "AUDIO" and as you said was probably not the best, so im thinking go the next best thing? Ad some "SUBTITLES" its always helpful to have some and even if the audio is not great the subtitles are a 2ndary feature that helps for that, now this was funny and gave me a couple of laughs and chuckles, so no problems with humor, and while earlier i did say the animation was nice, i thought you could have had the toilet paper animated not in just the mouth, but have him roll around town and stuff and talking aswell that might make for an even more funnier story, something to think about for future episodes if you decide to go that rout, So it was an entertaining little flash with a cute idea as a character, seemed abit on the short side and could use some subtitles, but all and all when its all done and said its a pretty cute flash idea and i hope you continue it on abit more.

have the toilet paper man roll around throught the city instead of just the one scene, also some subtitles would be nice.

cute character funny idea, keep up the good work


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zacoranim8or responds:

Thank you so much


What else I capuld say...

zacoranim8or responds:

Thank you so much

Very funny

Very funny, and your voice acting is pretty good. I also liked the face where his mouth went really far up on his face, but you could sorta improve on the drawings and I could see this easily winning an NG award.

~ hope to see more from you! :3

zacoranim8or responds:

Wow, Thank you SO much your really kind about that man.
Usually drawings are alot better but like i said
1. I havent used flash in 2 years
2. my step brother broke my tablet.
But Thank you so much for advice and feed back

Oh haha dude

Now that is some funny sh*t, its so unexpected and random. Loved the shots of the woman and him with the paper and TPs reactions to the toilet guy. Keep it up.

zacoranim8or responds:

Thanks man


The main reason I hate this is becuae you dissed WA. We're the biggest state in Australia!

zacoranim8or responds:

Haha mate I have no problems with WA its beauitiful it was just the most out back place in australia and TPM (toilet paper man) moves to the city and thats later on in series

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2.77 / 5.00

May 11, 2010
7:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Original