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Putting this out there for some feedback.

Hope you enjoy it.

i'll make a loading screen for it when i get home in three hours or so.

Be the first person to see the ending EVER! If you get there please post a comment. Not that it is worth playing through for the ending :)

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I completed all of the quests, but there was no reward.


its good but i killed everything and got everything from the shop and cleard all the black fror the map and i still cant find out how to win

i love the ricky ending :D

i actually spent about an hour playing this and finished it... my brother has been playing it for two days... i got enough money to get a dagger then ran around till i got a club... aha it was just sexy pwnage after that... but the splash glitch, the unbalanced money system... 18 weapons and 16 armors (total) when i continued i lost all my potions... which was a pain in the ass but i guess the splash glitch made up for it. after you get 9-10 potions they like disappear randomly... i thought it used them but i was wrong :P. kinda hard to kill stuff and at the beginning i died alot because it was hard to click on the correct thing... gj for 14 days... i wouldn't have done anything this magnificent


I found it... fun. Can't really give you any suggestions that haven't already been addressed, but here's some glitches I found:

-save feature is messed up. Loading gives the player's weapon infinite range/ enemies die before they show up on the map.

-occasionally got stuck inside of ferns.

Great game!

It would have been even better with a good storyline.