Thracia LARP Gallery

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Photos from Thracia live action roleplay.
I only submitted this to test the preloader as the server is down on me site host hope you in enjoy.

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Looks sorta fun. I always thought it was really sad but this sorta makes it look better at the fact that everyone seems to be having fun here.

I could tell you all had fun

The costumes really aren't bad at all, but it's the fact that everyone looks like they were having a blast is what really makes the slideshow.

I don't think this quite the place for it, but it was nice to see.

Nice Costumes

U people are saying this is stupid or geeks running around...about stupidnes, "if I don't like its stupid", add arguments why u think so. Geeks? So like WWII actors who do the same thing or some Medieval fans ( I meet 194 Cm. tall muscle mountain he was representing barbarian, I would like u say that he is geek to him face to face...and survive.) they are just fans of other battles, u are all cool "wire-Knights" but be at least polite if u don't like it don't blam it or write bad review just because u don't like that idea. I really liked that mage (?) in Blue robe with glasses in 5-6 pictures ( he's costume not person :P ) .

People u should try to use yours imagination, its really cool.

I used to LARP...and it's sad

If you spent as much time on self-improvement as you do on LARP'ing and making LARP gear, then you wouldn't be working at a minimum wage job, hating your life, and only looking forward to LARP'ing events.

Dumping Grounds...

would have been more suitable for testing purposes.

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May 10, 2010
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