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Disney Nejiten Crack

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This was originally posted on another site Jan 9, 2008. This is actually the first flash I ever made, and it definitely shows during the progression of the flash. >> At the beginning of the flash, I literally knew nothing; by the end...well, I learned something, at least. After I made finished this flash, I went and bought a tablet because I NEVER wanted to draw so much with a mouse ever again. (So yes, the art in this flash? Not exactly astounding on any level.)

However, this is what I call the "crackiest cracktastic Nejiten crack in the history of crack," and years later I'm still willing to defend the title. XP It is for the Neji/Tenten pairing of the anime/manga Naruto, and basically consists of Nejiten animated to eight Disney cheesy sappy romantic cheeseball songs. I HAVE NO REGRETS.

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you just reminded me about how butefuil lion king is


Amusing, good flash, good animation!

The title had me thinking this was anti NejiTen,

but I'm glad I was wrong. While this was not as good as it could be, which you openly admitted, it is still a good tribute to the couple, which happens to be my favorite Naruto couple.


hey dont pay attention to them
for me your flash is awesome ^^
i love the part of megara and the part of tarzan! XD
that 1 reminded me of a dream i had that neji was tarzan! XD
it was awesome! X3

yeah fair goofy

like it, nothing new but you got some talent, keep it up and we'llsee how it goes, your animation towards the end was much better, and as for aneranth, it's the internet... deal with it

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