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Hey Everybody
Use arrowkeys/asdf to move and space to jump.

[Edit... 819]
3 Years down the line we now have weekly updates with new content!

[Edit... 3]
Just got featured, thanks thanks thanks!

[Edit: Wow green! Thanks, you make it worth making updates!]
[Edit2: Blue... you bring a tear to my eye!]

So, it's finally time for an update to my realtime multiplayer level editor. Even though I gathered a lot of feedback from the original I have yet to have time to implement it all into this new version.

So what is actually new?

* Better physics
There is currently a trend to build small platform games. The old physics was to slippery and it felt like you where skidding around on ice, thus I rewrote the physics.

* Locked rooms
In locked rooms, only the people with the correct edit key is able to edit the world. So if you are a creator and hate other people messing your stuff up, this is the feature for you.

* Updated lobby
To allow for the influx of new users and new features I rewrote the lobby to something that can handle more than 500 concurrent users.

* Sever update
It's stable, rooms run as long as there is someone in them, and we have not seen a server crash in weeks.

* A lot of small updates, I forgot most of them but here is a few.
- Your smiley is now always on top
- Fixed bug in arrows that made gravity work differently depending on smiley orientation
- Made it easier to find the secret black brick

In the pipeline is still persistent rooms (So you can save), but I am still waiting for the final release of the Player.IO thus stay tuned!

As NG has been a primary source of great ideas, I hope that you'll review the game so I can make the next version even better!


i have this game on facebook :D

Nice game!! but...
I don't like the new update for the class and all these thing i like more the old version when the energy goes more big and we can buy more things with more energy so can you please recover the first version plz??


But, I think there should be some type of recognition system, like customizing your own face or something. Also, I think that this game would be a lot easier if there were numbers (or letters) as shortcuts for all the different types of things you can build.

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It's a great game but needs a chat bar.

I'm sure many other people are thinking the same thing. I also think when you're making a map you should pick the time to publish it like a book. People don't read part of your book before you're even done with it and think that it was boring and didn't make sense. People come in and leave and don't come back and no one comes into your map. You should also be able to turn off smileys but still be able to see them on the map because i have a slow computer. When everybody jumps around in it makes my computer lag and i can't make jumps and end up loosing. I also think you could make different colored squares like a dark green or a different color besides the basic. Oh and one last thought , you could change the color of the background to like green or blue besides black.I hope you use at least one of my ideas.

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i wub it (wub/wubs)
(definiiton:oversized music blasting speaker/speakers)

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4.46 / 5.00

May 10, 2010
12:19 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other