Wayfinder: Episode One

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My first game, learned a lot and hope to learn more. Hope you guys dig it. It was a real pleassure working with the people who voiced the characters. A great learning experience. ^^

There are a few hidden upgrades, the average playtime for this from start to finish is around 25 minutes judging from my playtesters.

WALKTHROUGH >> http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=kBhtqtmwKic << There is a space in the word 'watch' newgrounds is auto inserting it or something, I've removed it a dozen times. You'll have to remove it before you submit the url.

There are variations in the game depending on how you treat your crew, but nothing major. Just different dialogue and dialogue trees that open up later.


lame characters and lots of flaws

This game has some potential but it has lots of flaws.
My graetest concern is the look and voices of the characters. They are too manga-like, they look really bad, and when they started to talk I wished they weren't voice-acted at all! (The trader was especially annoying, when I met him I wanted to shoot his dumb face!)
The other big flaw was the battle and upgade system: the battles are boring, there is nothing animated, so basically you just press a button from time to time and watch some numbers change. That's not fun, it would be better if ther weren't battles at all. I'm not a fan of random encounters anyway. And the upgradeing aof your weapon and armor is just stupid: you find something and its value just gets added to my stats, it doesn't replace the old gun/armour, it merges with it. Wtf?
The graphics - if we don't count the characters in - is decent, the story too, and I liked the puzzles also. However, at the begining I had absolutly no idea wht to do becouse there was no intro wich would have told me some background story. I just start in a room, try to move around, adn after every step I stumble into anther fucker... errm I mean crew member, who stops me with another nonsense. Alright they actually tell some background story but in a really annoying way! It's very annoying when sombady always stops you for a chat!
It's also great that they tell me that there will be an exploring party and than I have to go alone. But if I have to go alone at least don't give the option to talk with the crew! I got stuck on the planet (before entering the caves), so I tried to talk with them, hopeing they will help, but no, they didn't tell anything useful, just told me to hurry up!
In the caves it's very annoyeing that the trader is at the very begining, altrough you needed him by the and at most!
The final boss is very unfair, it has huge damage and huge health, it's almost impossible. I could only defet it becouse of a bug: I levelled up during the battle, and I tried to distribute the new stat points during the battle, and somehow I ended up with infinite distributable stat points so I raised my dodge to an insane value, so I became virtually invulnerable.

Hyptosis responds:

Awwww, don't be jealous, someday you'll be able to make games too if you study real hard! And try your very best!

Well..I wanted to play this but the lag just made my computer try to kill itself.

Hyptosis responds:

I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes old flash games break as flash updates. Sorry.

so could you do new version of Wayfinder? since no one have old flash player version

Oh yeah this is REALLY slow! I have the latest laptop model and this is too slow to play.

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decent game....but the lag is horrible....if the lag was fixed id give it 4 stars for sure but i had to cheat through the puzzles since the lag prevented me from seeing the order i needed to click things properly

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3.97 / 5.00

May 10, 2010
5:50 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click