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Wayfinder: Episode One

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Author Comments

My first game, learned a lot and hope to learn more. Hope you guys dig it. It was a real pleassure working with the people who voiced the characters. A great learning experience. ^^

There are a few hidden upgrades, the average playtime for this from start to finish is around 25 minutes judging from my playtesters.

WALKTHROUGH >> http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=kBhtqtmwKic << There is a space in the word 'watch' newgrounds is auto inserting it or something, I've removed it a dozen times. You'll have to remove it before you submit the url.

There are variations in the game depending on how you treat your crew, but nothing major. Just different dialogue and dialogue trees that open up later.


And THIS is why...

Good art and voice acting is so important in a game! It totally makes every second of play worth while, Amazing Job!

Thanks for making such a fun puzzle game, I'll definatly keep an eye out for your work from now on!

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Hyptosis responds:

Thank you very much!

all I have to say: Aces!

This was an excellent game even if the puzzles seemed undefined...

The main puzzle was the second door and it didn't help that the progress wasn't reset every time you got it wrong (unlike the third door)

story: good but at the same time lacking, no open cutsene or any background story. It felt like you were just thrown in with a "WTF?!" face on, even the creatures you had to fight did not make any sense except for the final boss (hint: THATS WHEN YOU USE DEM NADEZ!)

the store guy only made sense to use when A: you died and used up your supplies or B: you ran out and needed to refill. The damage mods and armour mod look insignificant when you get free armour pieces and a gun in the ruins.

money: lucky loot? I find it really strange that no matter what animal you kill you get nothing but XP, at the same time it makes sense but WE WANT MONIEZ!

art: perfecto for a first flash game, though it be nice if we could also see the epic look of our character in a fight... speakin of which

fighting: I hate being a prick at FF style fighting but yea... It would be nice to have more shooting at a fast pace then hoping for high damage on something that eats yer sheilds as fast as candy.

voice actors: every one of them a keeper maybe little more emotion here or there but still great.

the only other thing I could complain about would be how long the game is, but first game no compainin :].

overall 10/10 and 5/5

btw this game felt ALOT like Mass Effect minus the customization... which would work for this type of game, made me wonder "Well I replaced this so how do I sell the old piece of junk for some money?"

also a little orky riddle for players: find da fingy dat iz old an' use it fer sumfing dat iz burnable, make dem burnaboyz proud!


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Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'll try to do a better job on the next game.

really good

i wish more people made game like this

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Ok i guess

Couldent get though the second stone door when i got there because i couldent work out the code. But some nice art and story line

Awsome game

Really good point and click game with a good plot that make sense.

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Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

May 10, 2010
5:50 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click