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Wayfinder: Episode One

rated 3.97 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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May 10, 2010 | 5:50 AM EDT

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Author Comments

My first game, learned a lot and hope to learn more. Hope you guys dig it. It was a real pleassure working with the people who voiced the characters. A great learning experience. ^^

There are a few hidden upgrades, the average playtime for this from start to finish is around 25 minutes judging from my playtesters.

WALKTHROUGH >> tch?v=kBhtqtmwKic << There is a space in the word 'watch' newgrounds is auto inserting it or something, I've removed it a dozen times. You'll have to remove it before you submit the url.

There are variations in the game depending on how you treat your crew, but nothing major. Just different dialogue and dialogue trees that open up later.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

This is pretty good for a Flash game, but it's 10 times better knowing that this is only your first game. Not only that, but you included voice acting and an ending credits theme song in your first game; that's definitely unusual, but wholly awesome.

The game itself was entertaining, but I did have some issues with it that would make your next game that much better. First off, the clickable items in the environment weren't obvious enough; I walked around the same five screens when I first arrived on the planet for a few minutes before I realized the item next to the abandoned building was a collectable cutting torch. As others have mentioned, giving the player only one opportunity to get the password for the crate is a little harsh; fortunately, I'm in the habit of writing down information that seems important, and a 10-character password seemed important to me. Also, there are no visual indications what to do with the nano-paint... the data log mentioned the "hidden buttons on the wall" but I just had to keep clicking the paint can and choosing random spots until I found the right one. I even futzed about with the first paint spot (the clickable one) for a while until I realized that there was another spot I needed to reveal. Some help on that puzzle would have been nice.

Two problems stood out above the others, though; the first being that enemies always gave the same amount of experience. It took 7 kills of the second enemy (the dog-looking thing) to get a level when I was level 2, and 7 kills when I was level 32. Most games typically scale experience to the player's level, forcing the player to fight enemies with ever-increasing life and damage capabilities in order to level. The biggest problem, in my opinion, was the ability to infinitely upgrade your weapons and armor. Basically, I farmed money for a bit and bought the Morland upgrade over and over, got around level 35 so I had enough points in dodge to pretty much never take damage, and with all the upgrades I think I had 52 damage... one grenade did about 90% of the boss' life.

Sure, it makes sense that if a player wants to spend the time grinding cash, he should be able to buy new stuff, but let there be a limit... the first time I played the game, I rushed through everything and the boss was impossible to beat. The second time, I took my time and got tons of extra money and levels, and the boss was a joke.

My only other suggestion would be to add a save feature; I know the game isn't incredibly long or anything, but it's an RPG, so at least a little time is required in order to beat it. Not every player will be able to beat it in one sitting, and I for one would be rather annoyed if I got to level 30 or 40 and had to restart because of a computer crash or something in real life interrupting my gaming.

One final problem I had, although minor, was lag. The mouse cursor would lag at times, perhaps when the music looped, but I'm not quite sure; I didn't really pay enough attention to see exactly when it lagged and if there was a pattern.

That's all I can think of at the moment; great job on your first game. I hope that means your second game will be that much more impressive.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great first game

An excellent first game, was the longest I've spent playing a flash game in a while. Thought the difficulty of the puzzles was spot on, nice to have some sort of a challenge rather than the same cloned ideas over and over again.
Somewhat satisfying to complete it without the walkthrough, definitely looking forward to any further game submissions by you!

ps the ender bot reminded me of the Tau in WH40k...intentional?

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game

Its a great game with nice music and voices and the like but the puzzles were a little hard the second one wouldhave been impossible if not for the walkthrough but i believe it was a great game

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks ^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

was kinda like 2d kotor

reminded me of knights of the old republic a lot. Pretty cool game, good story and nice music voices/sounds graphics, etc. The only thing I didn't like as much, which many people said is the puzzles were too hard, for example the code for opening the box, I didn't even realize I needed a code until I had already used the datapad so I had to restart the game and do it over to see the code. The puzzle with the stones was fine, but the paint and simon says puzzles I would have not been able to do at all without the walkthrough. All in all a good first game attempt, although I question the benefit of putting points in any ability except dodge, because once I hit 15 points in dodge I just started avoiding 50-100% of all attacks, so kinda made armor useless at that point. I don't know what points in aim did for me...except make me miss fewer shots? don't think I needed many points in that. The end kind of sucked because both my grenades missed on the last guy, so when I died I had to keep going back and forth killing monsters and buying more stuff. overall a good game though

Hyptosis responds:

Sorry about that trouble, thanks for playing it though. ^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Good Start

I noticed that I wouldn't stop until I had finished. But here is what you could improve on:

Make it longer. There was only about three puzzles and two items to pick up (although i wonder why that item that opens a certain door didn't appear in your inventory...). I hoped that you could have made a puzzle where you had to use items, or even the possibility of combining items for further use in the game. I liked the difficulty of the puzzles though, don't change that at all.

There was too many rooms that were useless. Near the end your just advancing from room to room and there was nothing in the rooms. I think you should get rid of those. If you were trying to create a dramatic experience near the end it didn't work. But at about know I'm wondering if you added those rooms because of a random chance that a monster would appear...

Items. The weapons and armor cost way too much. Why buy a 50 credit weapon!? It only increased it by 3 damage. the first two weapons should have cost only 10 credits and the third 20. But the KF "betteries" were a good price and the grenades and those health pack things too but the weapons were overpriced

On the good side:

The credits were awesome. it was like what they do for a movie. Keep it up!

That RPG feel in the game was a nice add to normal point-and-click games because it "added flavor" to it, you know, something new. And the credit and buying new supplies was cool, but Wiley should have been available to buy from at any time, instead of having to go back all the time.

Well, this has been pretty impressive, considering it was your first game. If you improve I believe that you - Hyptosis - can get famous of your work!


Hyptosis responds:

The item you missed was the lighter, it is in the first room.

The rooms weren't useless, they were meant to give the feeling of travel. They might not have worked for that, but that was their intention. Also random monster encounters yes.

Wiley is a jerk, yell at him about pricing. =P

You're right he should have traveled with you, I won't make that mistake again.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'll have more to come in the future. Please be on the look out for Alice is Dead 3, it will be the next game I work on.