Simple clock simulation

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This is a simple clock running in a physics engine. It uses an anchor escapement with a pendulum for impulse control, and a mainspring for power, and a fusee to regulate the mainspring torque. This is the kind of setup you might see in a very old table clock. Unfortunately it's not very accurate - the physics engine doesn't work well with fine tuned engineering, so the gears are pretty rough and loose.

I've never seen actual simulated live clockwork, so I thought I'd give it a try.

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I've allways wanted a "see thru" pendulum clock

Good Simulation

I didn't expect something like this when I clicked it and you usually don't expect something like this on Newgrounds (well I don't, there's probably heaps like this) but for what you were aiming for I think it's a very good simulation with an accurate diagram and works great. It also look like you worked hard on this to try and get it perfect. So good job.

Easily could use work, sorry to say.

For what it is designed as, a clock simulation thing, it's good.
However I would like to see this put to practical use.
I challenge you Hahaha dooo it.

Idea - Cool, good.
Presentation - Pretty good, with all teh extra notes.

All over, it's good, but not great.


Shorry, Mishter, I broke yer clock.

okay, now THAT's pretty cool!
I was having a great time playing with the gears.

The I tried moving them. OOps! I managed to get it limping along again, but I had clearly violated it's precision design. A reset button would be cool, or a way to reset just one part to it's default.

Also, while I'm asking for crap I know little about, Some tick-tock sounds would be cool!

I don't think a physics engine was the answer.

It doesn't allow for any messing around, so I can't consider it a toy. I think it would be nice as part of a tutorial as one of the examples.

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3.83 / 5.00

May 10, 2010
12:12 AM EDT