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Greek & Wicked

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Kill the Hydra Boss 1 time (Game A)


Score 90.000+ without being hit (Game B)


Kill the Hydra Boss 4 times in a row, without failing any QTE (Game A)


Kill the Hydra Boss 7 times in a row (Game A)

Author Comments

UPDATE 05-14-2010: you can now CAPITALIZE up to 4 medals!

"Greek & Wicked" is an experiment like "Tuper Tario Tros." was, not a big game.

William started to think about the differences between old and modern games : what are these differences ? Mostly better graphics and sounds, but in term of game mechanics old and modern games can be very similar. So, what if we take modern games elements and reduce them to their most simple form to create a very old fashioned electronic game like a Game & Watch.

When we started working on it, Guillaume was playing a game that was the perfect modern and AAA game reference we needed : God of War.

We had some difficulties to finish this game, and in the same time daily news were (and still are) really hard too. We thought the fight of our little greek character against an invincible hydra was really close to modern fights. That's why William integrated a little scenario connected to recent european events.



- Arrows to move
- X to use weapons
- ESC / P to pause


My only Greek friend...KRATOS!

From the first moment I got hooked on writing reviews on flash games and got drawn in to the flash world I wondered only one thing: Why isn't there a flash game with Kratos? If there is except this one I would really like to see it. Still, besides this little game and a very unfunny flash movie about Kratos that I've seen here a couple of months ago, Kratos is absent from the flash scene. Why is that I still don't know. There are many flash games about other famous characters and nobody sued the creators. So come on GODS OF FLASH give us more Kratos falsh games, I know you can do it. SwingSwing has already done it! Unite with him, and create a memorable Kratos flash game. I will provide the story if needed, It would be my pleasure.

But enough with my never ending desires to see many Kratos flash games in the future...it is time to REVIEW!

What we have here is a wonderful little game about the first epic battle in God of War I. The art is interesting and the gameplay returns many memories from my childhood, but it is not unique, just forgotten. Still it is very brave to make this gameplay active in 2010, and I am proud that the creator respects the OLD WAYS OF GAMING :D. So you can't complain about the frame rate ;) The sound effects are solid, but a remake of an epic soundtrack from gow is required, also some camera effects would make this old gameplay look modern. If there is a sequel more puzzling levels would be needed and some finishing moves transformed in old school would be fun to see.

This game is a fun idea and I hope it is the beginning of the Flash Kratos ERA.

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SwingSwing responds:

Our lives are not dedicated to Kratos, but it was a pleasure to make this game :)
We hope you'll like our next games, even if Kratos is not in them.

Pretty good

Was actually more fun than i thought it would be, but just having that one part over and over again did make it pretty much a novelty. I understand it was supposed to be considered a game so no points off for that. Pretty cool to see God of War in an old style like that, probably my favorite part of this whole game. I like how the quick time event was put in the game. It be really cool to see more of the levels.

I don't get it...

I've been hitting the hydras for hours and i still have 0000 score. Care to give more details on WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

SwingSwing responds:

OK ! SO WATCH THIS FUCKING VIDEO WALKTHROUGH : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sRhON 3Grxs
Take care :)

cool but short

Is this inspired by the pocket Mario bros game (the one where you have to make packages in a factory)? The style is really cool.
What i don't understand, i did the story mode, beat the level, and just started the same level over??? That's kinda weird. If there would be more variety this would have a 9/10 or so, now I'm giving it a 7.

SwingSwing responds:

The Game & Watch games are "repetitives", so is this game :)

interesting experiment

To really get a good feel of if the mechanics a the same or different this needs to be longer, at least have a level leading up to the boss. Aside from that its a fun and it seems very little has changed from the previous eras, in regards to boss fights-- at least.

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SwingSwing responds:

Play this game : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /493615 then play ours again, so you'll have a level and a boss fight :)

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Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

May 9, 2010
7:56 AM EDT
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