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Adrellia Village #5

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Adrellia Village:
Season 1, Episode 5:
A Weird Dream

5/8/10 - A Weird Dream

Drake finishes some squire chores. Also, he has a weird dream involving Brutus taking over the world.

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Something that seems to be a problem here is the voice acting, not necessarily as in the voice acting is bad but the microphones when speaking seem to produce static to much later into this one. Could probably try to buy a filter (usually cost around $10) and put it in front of the mic to cut out the static and some popping noises usually heard when speaking a little too close to the mic.

The animation is the same too but there is no problem there. Except maybe when it shows Drake sleeping since it didn't zoom into his face clearly and moved a bit right and kept zooming in then zooming out. If it says he is having a weird dream, then why not give a thought bubble to show what it might be about so it will not seem as pointless to the viewer.

The story seems to be progressing in a decent manner since Drake is helping that older guy out to take care of some problems around the castle so that he can get ready to learn spells and the such later. Not too bad for some progress.

Overall, the static produced by the microphone later in when Brutus spoke seemed to be pretty annoying on the ears so possibly get that fixed for later episodes would be great.

Review Request Club

MistyE responds:

It's not the microphone, it's Flash but thanks.

Actually, the scene at Brutus' station WAS his dream.

Thanks for your review.

"Can you hear that nasty sound?" Why yes I can - it's the poor quality voice acting. Not necessarily the voice quality was poor (it was, but only due to the single accent that all of the characters seem to have), but the mic caused annoying levels of static. Try turning down the sensitivity a little and maybe even having your voice actor standing a little further from the mic, just to reduce the overall sound picked up, so you don't overload your hardware.

The uniforms being entirely hand drawn need to be tidied up, just so we see them properly - the shield on Drake's uniform looks different to Rory's. Get that more "uniform" and it will look a lot better.

More occurrences of using photo stock for backgrounds and too little plot in your pieces, invalidating the "previously" part of each episode, but I guess that these had been made for a while, so additional work on them can't be expected just yet.

[Review Request Club]

MistyE responds:

It's not my recording, it's Flash. You won't see too many more photo stock in the next episodes, though.

Sorry, not top, but improvement could make this flash better.

Animation: 3 stars.
The animation was basic, and good, but the character movement was kinda out-of-place, as I've mentioned before in the other episodes. When the characters move, make them move their legs, not bunny-hopping; this makes this flash a bit unrealistic. The character forms were smooth. Some objects, such as the bed that Drake was sleeping on, was from the real world. You could use a flash-made bed. Also, mouth synthing was bad (as I've mentioned in the other episodes). Use some of your time to let them play in good place.

Voice: 1 star.
Very abrupt. As Sectus has mentioned, the voices seem rough. (Did you use a pro-mic? A pro mic could help solve the problem) Also, did you tried my advice of standing a bit far away from the mic to prevent wind hitting the mic? The voices are the ONLY reason for a bad score.

Plot: 4 stars.
Very good with the plot, but could be longer (put more episodes in one single big episode). I believe the episodes were too short. However, I like your ideas on this, it keeps building up the rising plot. Even though it suddenly skipped areas. (lol, my sense of humor has messed up this week)

Overall: 3 stars, so a vote of 3. I hope there could be some improvement on the series.

Haggard and Sectus are right, on their points. Also use their info for improvement.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

Again there are some really heavy sound issues. Especially when Brutus is speaking the sound is full of static noises that really hurts the ears.

The story line gets a bit confusing now. I don't think we ever heard of Brutus before in the past 4 episodes. A little foreshadowing in previous episodes would've made his appearance much more powerful. Maybe have some characters talk about what happend in the past (Brutus obviously tried to take over the world before) or the king mentions something about Brutus when he meets Drake... stuff like that.

Now Brutus feels really much out of place.

{ Review Request Club }

MistyE responds:

Interesting point. This was intended to be his debut and have him first be introduced to the audience but a little backstory beforehand would probably work better. Thank you for your review.

Not a really fulfilling flash animation, sadly. I have seen worse, but this isn't really the best either. You could definitely use some improvement both on the animation, and the audio quality.

Animation / Graphics - This section was honestly the worst, and could definitely use the most improvement out of all of it. The mouth animations seem rather stiff, irritating, and inflexible. The characters themselves could also use some definite improvements, as they too feel stiff and inflexible along with the mouths. Not to be rude, but I suggest you practice up on your flash making skill before you get serious about producing flash animations.

Story - The story line was hard to follow, and jumped from place to place, and was altogether disorienting and dissatisfying on whole. It seems rather jumbled together, as if you had thought it up at the last minute so you could make the animation and put it out to newgrounds. You really should take more time in this field before you consider applying it to your animations.

Audio - I have been rather soft with the previous half of this review, but here I must be blunt. The audio was down-right horrid. Your recording software is irritating, and whenever your voice picks up loudly, there is a buzzing noise that irritates the ears, is really noticeable, and can really lose your audience's interest. Audio is a very important part when it comes to making flash, and you should take great care in choosing your software and equipment.

Overall - This animation was overall very sub-par and could really use some definite improvements, mostly in the fields of animation and audio, which were both poorly done. Practice does indeed make perfect, and apparently you just didn't get enough of it. I look forward to seeing improvements, and I hope you do better the next time you make something to put on newgrounds.

-Review Request Club-

MistyE responds:

the first time any guy from the Review Request Club gave me below 3 or 4 stars out of 10, or with this new "star" system, 1.5 or 2 stars, interesting.

Animation: Yeah, at the time my lip sync was awful. This was two years ago and I've come a long way, in fact today an Adrellia Village episode just got a daily award.

Story: I think you're having trouble with this because you haven't seen the other episodes. If you've never seen the previous episodes, the plot will seem very disoriented and jumbled together. Also this was based on a manuscript that went through several revisions.

Audio: not my voice, actually. thanks for the honest review

Overall: thank you and I have, hence my two daily 3rd place awards on Newgrounds now :)

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

May 8, 2010
6:05 PM EDT